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Two repairs are equivalent to one fire. The truism known since the childhood. But anybody yet has not avoided this act of nature when furniture suddenly begins a crusade on one of rooms, then smoothly flows in another. Things are lost with catastrophic speed, hardly having had time to be, and any of necessary subjects eternally does not appear near at hand. Usually shpateli are accustomed to bite sideways when you sit down to have dinner on a corner of the cleared away kitchen space, and the screw-driver awakes at night, painfully having thrust in the muscles which have softened half asleep.

Got tired from habitual recently (and same) luxury of apartments, the people search rest in individual, adapted under personal predilections, an interior. It became one of fashionable tendencies of last time – after all to meet that situation which is closer to heart much easier, than to live in splendour of which internally you get tired.

So, tendencies of last years are that. After clearing of working space by furniture carrying out start, as in days of old, to obdiraniju faded and places of peeled wall-paper. From procedure of washing up of walls in that case not to get to anywhere is a ceremony. Tradition!

By the way, one acquaintance living on the seventh floor of a high-rise building, has shared a secret how to turn this procedure in an hour, having poured over walls of apartment water from a hose spent from a bathroom. And, the indignant shouts of the filled in neighbours answered reasonably supposedly that I am a little fool, apartment with water to fill in? It not I at all! And who – I do not know. However, the door and has not opened.

So, having relieved walls from unfashionable odezhki, them ordinary level – a trouble of rough walls, possibly, in blood at our domestic builders. It is not known, how in the west – there repairs it was not necessary to do. But, judging by that the newest workings out in sphere of alignment of surfaces go therefrom – at them the same problems.

Differ quality and quantity of the made decorative coverings perfectly levelling surfaces, Frenchmen and Italians – at these expressional builders, probably, too happen failures in work. Well, whether it is not enough … Champagne there has touched or bordosskogo with amaretto … And then with the same temperament – on walls, – here and there are tricky cavities. Today this problem really to resolve, at all without having special building education.

Yes, actually, and experience too not especially it is required. Only desire and diligence. Simply go to the shop selling diverse paints (by the way, speak, them here and there already began to extend in usual bookshops), and get there, preliminary having asked the seller or the manager on the technician of drawing, modern decorative coverings from Italy or France which put directly on a wall. These coverings cover a rough wall so that any shcherbinki will not notice.

Besides they have the invoice not smooth as varnishes or paints and are not strewed like ordinary shpaklevke, and keep on a wall, it is possible to tell, is dead. And if you still decide to cover this lepotu with a layer front or akrilovoj paints – that it and at all remains forever – such always new, bright and that invoice which is kind to your heart. If want, it is possible to make velvet walls – the invoice allows. Or "тяр =і" in a covering the cockleshells brought from a trip to Tahiti.

This innovation besides saves time (about money a little, perhaps, we will keep silent), quickly dries up, does not grow mouldy and does not crumble, like usual plasters. Has still a heap of advantages, including possibility of manufacturing of decorative panels on walls of separately taken apartment and realisation of almost any imagination of the owner. However, drawing process labour-consuming enough and the technology is a little studied. But – ovchinka, as they say, manufactures it is worthy. The eye after such repair will rejoice and rejoice. When will regain consciousness from works just.

There are techniques not less new, but is slightly easier and cheaper in every respect. It is a question of wall-paper under painting. By means of these which have taken root into our life in the end of last century of attributes of European-quality repair, it became easier to update apartments, and processes remontirovanija – are more cheerful. Especially, if to use not the usual inertly decked monotonous rolls, and such obojchiki in florets or lepestochkah which are painted over, and these elements of a decor undersign for a certain place with which it is necessary to allocate psychologically, manually.

However, it is possible to put a list and on languid monotony. That, certainly, will not spoil it if you possess certain abilities in sphere of drawing by paints. If you are afraid to put "эрё=ю Ёшх" art paints that have not told: "+э has attempted wonderfully well the great world ёхую!" – it is possible to take advantage of simple gouache which then to cover with a colourless varnish. Too not bad it turns out.

On walls and ceilings the thought does not stop, and falls more low, – to a floor. Floors too can be decorated today. For example, in extensive bathrooms the people possessing flight of an unbridled imagination, create certain "ъЁштюышэхщэ№х" the panels combined from (in-jan) of a tile and a laminate adjoining it.

In general, curves, circles and "схчѕуыюё=ш" now in big favore. Whether the fan-shuj so influences minds, whether spaces in apartments became suddenly more – people aspire to get rid of corners, using thus, more often, gypsum cardboard, artful image in places soaked and established how it is necessary to the owner. By the way, with this material all the same lately began to address more cautiously: grey-white sheets fragile enough, are easily showered and is live react to humidity. If, for example, in a bathroom there will be a local flooding, hinged gipsokartonnyj the ceiling in a hall can suddenly fall off, having covered you with a head. And, at the most inappropriate moment.

What is evident, hardly you finish to potter with walls, a ceiling and a floor? Doors! Today them it is not necessarily regular, time in a five-years period, to change on new, not in time properly to peel off. Refined minds from America, the thought up decorative paints to elite coverings have besides helped. For example, there are such paints – in small-small treshchinku, simultaneously with obvious updating is smart sostarivajut doors. They become such nostalgicheski sound and cosy … As if get to the thrown knight's castle, whence very long time ago inhabitants have left, and it remained in expectation of the owner. No, it is possible to make, of course, inputs and exits gold, silver or nacreous – on taste of the owner, – here freak of the imagination knows no limit.

In a word, it is time to wean from standard European-quality repair. Start life afresh. Without adapting under an interior, and it, an interior, equipping under the character. For the spiritual, psychological cosiness directly depends on space surrounding you. Nevertheless life defines consciousness. Though, however, we will not concern here philosophy questions. All the same conversation is conducted about apartment repair. And how to make repair qualitatively and soundly – read on pages of our site.