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a colour Choice

it is frequent at a choice of tone for colouring of walls, floors or apartment ceilings it is necessary to face difficulty in a choice of a corresponding paint. Recently in public buildings it is possible to see new colour scores. Frequently each wall in them is painted in separate colour, walls and ceilings more dark, than usually or other new receptions are used. However their direct copying can lead to negative results, since. Not each fashionable or original reception of registration can be used in any premise. Especially it concerns premises. At registration of each premise including at a choice of colour scores, it is necessary to consider its appointment. It is necessary to consider also an arrangement of windows concerning parts of the world, the sizes and premise height, colour of subjects of conditions being in a room, their arrangement and many other things. .

Any certain recipes for a choice of colour scores in premises it is impossible to give. But to everyone who is going to start registration of the house, it is necessary to know some substantive provisions.

the Choice of colour depending on light. At a choice of colour and drawings it is necessary to consider natural illumination of a premise, its height and appointment, the floor area, and also a premise arrangement in relation to cardinal points.

In the premises located on a North side, and also insufficiently shined, bright wall-paper of warm colours (yellow, pinkish), more light premise more light and spacious kind is recommended. At furnish of the rooms which are on a South side, it is possible to use light-absorbing colours, for example, zolotisto-orange, brick-red, etc. The the area and premise height is less, the furnish and that more small drawing of wall-paper should be more light. .

Electric illumination changes colour. For example, light yellow and cream seem in this light polluted and inexpressive, it is difficult to define also a difference between white and light yellow, and also between black and dark blue colours. Violet turns in purple, dark blue - in green, and red - to yellowish colour. Therefore at a choice of colours it is necessary to consider also electric illumination. .

The Visual perception of proportions of a premise can be changed if to paint walls in different colour. The long and narrow room seems more shortly and more widely if face walls to paint in more dark or warm colour, and lateral - in colder or light. For creation of impression of open space of a wall and a ceiling of a low premise are painted with one light paint. The line of connection of a wall with a ceiling in this case not so is appreciable that creates visibility bolshej heights. The same impression turns out, if walls to paint in warm, and a ceiling in cold tone. In high rooms the opposite impression is created, if a ceiling to paint in more rich colour or warm tone which as though reduces premise height. Thus it is necessary to remember that in small premises there should not be an abundance of colourful decisions and that in all of them it is necessary to paint walls in one colour; in certain cases a ceiling and walls become covered by an identical paint. .

At selection of colour tones for apartment furnish it is necessary to consider their combination both in separate premises, and in all apartment, and also their combination to furniture and textile materials - curtains, carpets and so forth

The Combination of colours in the big degree depends on selection of shades, therefore more concrete recommendations cannot be given. Usually this combination is reached by trial colouring of small sites of surfaces.

Anyway, not striking, neutral and pastel generally it is more preferable than tone. In this case conditions indoors dominates, colour of walls, ceilings and floors is only a background. .

At use of bright and intensive tones it is easy to be mistaken: the inexpressive interior can turn out. However at successful selection of tones the interesting and original premise will turn out.

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