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Colours and their properties

Essence of colours . Subjects have properties to absorb, reflect or pass light beams. For sensation of colour light beams should be reflected from a subject in our eye. For example, if any subject reflects only green beams, absorbing all other beams of a spectrum, we see this subject green. If this subject to place to the public in which there are no green beams, it will seem us black. The subject passing all light beams, seems transparent. Degree and character of reflexion and light absorption, and also a transparency of subjects different also depend on their physical and chemical properties. .

Red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, violet and purple colours with all shades are called as chromatic colours, black both white and all grey colours are called as achromatic.

The Basic, natural number of colours makes a spectrum in which colours are located in a strict order; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue and violet. From them yellow, dark blue and red are called as primary colours. .

At mixture of primary colours complementary colours turn out. Red + yellow=orange, yellow + dark blue=green, dark blue + red=the violet.

The Further colour mixture gives various tone. For example, red + green=krasnovato-brown; yellow + violet=zheltovato-brown; dark blue + orange=sinevato-brown. At a repeated colour mixture always turn out brown tone. Brown colour does not belong to chromatic, and is neutral, as black, white and grey. All colours received by mixture of primary colours, are called as mixed. .

Mental properties of colours . At furnish of inhabited and working premises it is necessary to consider mental properties of colours necessarily. It is known that in the light premise painted in joyful colours, it is good to live and work, as these colours cause optimistic mood, raise work capacity, vivacity and t d. The premise finished with dark, gloomy colours, can cause a feeling sick, work in this premise more difficultly.

Warm and a somber colour . Red and yellow, and also colours close to them (orange, krasnovato-orange, etc.) are called as warm. The colours which are in the right part of a spectrum: dark blue, aeruginous, sinevato-violet, etc.), are called as cold. .

Receding and acting colours . Warm colour tone make impression as if the painted surface is more close, than actually. Most of all approaches a surface yellow and slightly less - orange colours. Therefore warm colours as though reduce a premise. A somber colour creates visibility of removal of a surface. The greatest deleting property dark blue colour possesses.

Heavy and easy colours . Dark colours seem heavier. For reception of visible visual balance the building socle is painted more darkly walls, the floor is more dark than a ceiling etc. But it is not a rule. Now heavy and easy colours are applied at registration of premises, proceeding, basically, from their mutual harmony and appointment of a finished premise. From chromatic colours lungs are light yellow, light green etc., and heavy - dark red, dark brown, dark green etc. .

Weight or ease of colour depends also on a paint material: the same colour the oil paint seems more hard a water paint, the surface with the rough invoice is heavier, than smooth.

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