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the Covering of external walls of old buildings (a part 3)

Brick facing stack on a difficult solution 1:2:9, i.e. One part of the cement, two parts of the limy test and nine parts of sand. At packing facing is attached to a wall by means of 15-centimetric nails which heads are closed up in seams. Between a wall and facing the air space in width 3-4 is left see Brick facing it is possible to lay under rasshivku or to plaster. About window boxes facing fastens to a wall nails after each number of bricks (fig. 44, d and. The brick covering gives to a wooden building a kind brick and raises its fire resistance. Besides, such covering is more effective against blowing off of premises by a wind.

a Fig. 44. A covering round windows various materials.

a Fig. 44. A covering round windows various materials.

The Socle sawn-off shotgun or a socle step becomes with a socle board or without it. The board should be stroganoj, by thickness of 4 sm and width to 18 sm and to be established at an angle 30 ° (fig. 40 and 41). One edge of a board is beaten to the bottom log of a wall, and another is issued on 4-5 sm for socle edge. The socle board is intended for tap of the rain water which are flowing down on a covering. Besides, it forms transition from a covering to a socle. .

The Socle board it is necessary to establish right after wall erections. In the absence of a board or its wrong installation rain and thawed snow gets between a socle and logs of walls and in a short space of time causes wood rotting. It is necessary to replace rotted through or incorrectly established socle board at once. In order to avoid rotting of a socle board, it is desirable to cover it with the zinced tin not only on corners (fig. 40, but also on all length. Under a socle board on the base it is desirable to put a moss or a tow, however, it is possible and not to put. In no event it is impossible to fill the specified space with a solution as it can cause rotting of the bottom log.

The Covering without a socle board is shown on fig. 40, e and 42, d. Here the covering supports a socle on 3-4 sm and a covering bottom edge blocks socle edge on 4-5 Such blocking covering see protects the bottom number of logs from external dampness much more effectively, than a covering with a socle board. .

Window adjunctions are sheathed as follows. From two parties of a window box platbands, and from above and from below - otlivnye boards for a water drain (fig. 41, 42 and 44) fasten. Appointment of platbands in covering a box and covering adjunction. In case of thicker covering it is necessary to beat on an outer side of a window box brusok such thickness that it covered on width the face party fibrolitovoj plates and supported it for a thickness of a plaster coat (fig. 44. The platband blocks in this case an adjunction bruska with a covering. .

The Covering of window adjunctions begin with pribivanija top and bottom otlivnyh boards for a water drain (fig. 41 and 42) which cover with the zinced tin. Tin upper edges are beaten to lateral aspect of a window box by short nails for a tin. That in junctions of a tin and a window box water did not filter, the box edge becomes covered by a thin layer of putty.

The Special attention needs to be turned on correct and dense installation of an external window sill. If it is established incorrectly, rain water gets between a wall and a covering, and becomes the reason of fast rotting of a wall under a window frame. .

Fire-prevention actions . At burning of wooden buildings with a covering fire most quickly extends on all building through space between a wall and a covering. To prevent fast distribution of fire, follows during a covering of walls between a wall and a covering through each 1,0-1,5 metres to beat the so-called fire-prevention laths which thickness should be same, as well as a thickness of a lining board of a covering. In case of a vertical arrangement of lining boards fire-prevention laths settle down horizontally, and at a horizontal arrangement - vertically (fig. 43. .

At a brick covering fire-prevention laths it is necessary to have as horizontally, and vertically (fig. 43.

The covering Upper edge is possible to a covering skosa roofs, and in the absence of it is directly to a roof.

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