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the Covering of a floor a cardboard (a part 2)

When one half of cloth is pasted to a floor, from the end of other half acts in film rejka, and the cloth is curtailed to the pasted part. The label of other half is spent similarly by the first. .

After a label of the first cloth the following nearby is established. Thus edges of cloths should adjoin. After a label of the second cloth on junctions of cloths (seams) it is established rejka so that edges of adjacent cloths have been simultaneously pressed to a floor. Edges and the ends of the pasted cloths it is possible to beat labels right after. To a floor tolevymi nails. The distance between nails 10-15 see

If the cardboard is pasted on a cement floor to beat rejki to a floor, of course, it is impossible. In that case on rejki and boards lay bricks, bags with sand or any other cargo.

After glue drying (usually next day) the floor is released from reek. Then it is necessary to check up, whether is not present under a cardboard of air bags. In the presence of the last the cardboard in the given place is cut by a sharp knife two perpendicular cuts. The cut corners are bent upwards and again stuck. If air bags are not present, it is possible to start to ogruntovke the first layer of a cardboard, i.e. To impregnation oksolem or drying oil. .

The impregnation Purpose is transformation of a cardboard layer in firm, rigid and udaroustojchivyj a material. For the best impregnation drying oil or oksol is recommended to be warmed up preliminary. Oksol it is supposed to heat up only in ware with hot water, but at all on an open flame.

The Cardboard impregnate once, slowly watering with its warm drying oil or oksolem which immediately smear a brush or the painting platen. After drying oksolja or drying oils on the first layer of a cardboard the second is pasted, is similar to the first. After drying gluing the second layer also becomes impregnated with drying oil or oksolem. .

floor Colouring . After impregnation of the second layer of a cardboard oksolem or drying oil it is possible to start colouring. Before colouring a floor it is desirable entirely oshpaklevat a thin layer semioil shpaklevki, but here it is necessary to consider that continuous shpaklevku a cardboard floor it is possible to recommend only in the event that work will be executed is high-quality, i.e. If it is not required to make the subsequent polishing. Grinding by a skin of a thin layer shpaklevki on a cardboard can damage a cardboard surface. Therefore basically a floor after impregnation by drying oil or oksolem not shpakljuetsja. .

If plinths are painted in one colour with a floor, they are established into place before its colouring. At desire to paint them in other colour, they are painted separately and established into place after floor colouring.

After drying of drying oil a floor shpakljuetsja two times ordinary glutinous or oil shpaklevkoj with the subsequent polishing. .

It is recommended to apply To reception of stronger floor varnish shpaklevku, consisting of 1 kg of an oil pitch varnish and 150 g 20%-s' solutions mezdrovogo or bone glue with addition of a ground chalk to working viscosity. After that the floor is coated. The floor covered with a fabric is similar to the linoleum.

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