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the Covering of a floor a cardboard

it is possible to cover with the Cardboard both new, and old board and cement floors. On absolutely equal, dry and pure floor from a dust it is pasted one or two layers of the strong elastic cardboard which is let out in rolls. The pasted cardboard becomes impregnated with drying oil or oksolem therefore it becomes absolutely firm. Then the floor is painted similarly to a deal floor. .

The floor Covered with a cardboard is similar on linoleum, but manages much more cheaply. It is one of principal causes because of which recently the area of the floors covered with a cardboard, at us constantly increases.

The floor Covered with a cardboard is much warmer ordinary board or linoleum. Therefore such floor is especially necessary in premises with a cold old floor.

Floor correctly covered with a cardboard possesses the same durability, as well as board as under a paint the cardboard does not wear out. It is not recommended to cover floors of kitchen and a lobby with a cardboard as under the influence of dampness the paint can quickly wear out.

Floor Preparation at a covering a cardboard is similar to floor preparation under oil paints. The basis should be equal. On it the elastic cardboard is pasted. .

On a new cement floor the cardboard can be pasted directly after its definitive drying. Deepenings and other damages in old cement to a floor are necessary for levelling shpaklevaniem. Before the damaged places wash with water. At more considerable damages for alignment the cement mortal (in the ratio 1:2:5) is used. After solution packing on it dry cement is filled a little, then the damaged place is ground steel kelmoj or gladilkoj. Small roughnesses it is good shpaklevat kazeinovoj cement mastic (in the ratio 1:3, i.e. one volume part kazeinovogo glue and three parts portlandtsementa). Processing by a cement mortal, and also kazeinovoj cement shpaklevkoj it is desirable to spend directly after washing of the damaged places by water. For alignment of absolutely dry cement floor it is possible to use also semioil shpaklevku.

the Label of layers of a cardboard . Before a label it is desirable to remove plinths. The cardboard is cut on cloths of necessary length. Cloths of the first layer of a cardboard are pasted usually across floor boards, and a cloth of the second layer - lengthways, but it is possible to paste also both layers in one direction. .

As glue all well gluing substances approach. At a cardboard label good results give following glues and their combinations: dense paste from a rye flour to which in an identical volume parity 15%-s' solution joiner's (mezdrovogo or bone) glue is added and stirred; dense paste from a rye flour to which in an identical volume parity it is added ready kazeinovyj glue; paste from a rye flour to which it is added on volume about the same quantity of glue К-17. From a rye flour it is possible to replace paste with paste from wheat flour. The glue containing paste from a flour, is put on a cloth of a cardboard and on a floor on all length of a cloth by a brush or the painting platen. Then the cardboard is densely pasted on a floor, and one end is fixed rejkoj. After 15 minutes when the cardboard has already become impregnated with a moisture and it was a little stretched, a cloth raise for one end and then slowly lower into place. The impregnated damp cardboard thus is definitively stretched. After that the cardboard nestles on a floor at first a dry rag and a brush, and then shpatelem. Seams between strips nestle on a floor boards. The cardboard can be pasted also ordinary warm joiner's glue (mezdrovym or bone). The part of a cloth In that case smeared with glue press to the floor covered with glue and immediately iron a hot iron. .

The Hot iron is applied and in those cases if joiner's glue contains paste.

The Cloth of a dry cardboard is established on the provided place. One end of a cloth is attached wooden rejkoj and several nails to a floor. Another is curtailed to its middle, the label whence begins. The floor part (40-50 sm), located before a cardboard roll, becomes covered by glue. The cloth inside (also 40-50 sm) becomes covered by glue also. In process of a covering the cardboard roll is developed, imposed by glue on the surface of a floor smeared with glue and carefully nestles. At cloth expansion on a floor it is necessary to watch, that between a cardboard and a floor there were no air bags and not pasted places. Glue is put on a floor and on a cardboard by a thin layer. .

When one half of cloth is pasted, its edges nestle on a floor rejkami, the beaten several nails. With the help rejki (or, even better, a wide board) it is possible to press as required a cardboard to a floor even in the middle of a cloth. Rejki or a board of 5 sm by nails only in several places are attached to a floor. Too densely beaten rejki or boards leave after their removal on a surface of a cardboard traces.

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