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a floor Covering carpet materials

Recently there is begun manufacture of various nap materials for a covering of floors. They do premises more comfortable, warm, improve sound insulation. Carpet coverings are undesirable for using in premises where on a floor water (bathrooms, kitchens, vestibules can get, etc.). .

Carpet coverings can be placed on a wooden or cement floor, and also on a panel covering, preliminary having smoothed all roughnesses a solution. .

The Carpet material is cut on pieces of necessary length on a place and displayed on a floor for straightening, at least, for days. Then it is pasted on the dry, levelled and cleared basis kumarono-najritovym by glue КН-2 or КН-3. Gluing is made as follows. The strip of a covering spread out on a floor rolls down from one end in a roll to the middle. Then on a floor it is put gear shpatelem a layer gluing thickness of 0,6-1,0 mm. Glue is maintained within 3-5 minutes then a roll unroll and press it cautiously to a floor. In the same way paste other half of strip. Strips are pasted vnahlest so that one blocked another on 20-25 mm and cut off similarly to how it becomes at linoleum gluing (see fig. 36. If the covering is pasted on the concrete basis that the knife has not become blunted, under a cut place it is necessary to enclose a plywood strip. .

The Expense of glue of 0,4-0,5 kg/m 2 . If glue has got on a carpet surface, it should be removed at once turpentine. On a carpet it is possible to go only in two days after gluing. .

The Carpet can be put simply on a floor without gluing, having pressed its edges at walls plinths.

Before packing of a carpet covering all repair work should be indoors finished. .

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