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the Covering of a floor a fabric

Preparation of a floor for a covering a fabric, except for continuous oshpaklevyvanija, is similar to preparation of the floor painted by oil paints. .

After filling and shpaklevki cracks on a floor the rare cotton fabric or a sacking is pasted. To gluing it is applied kazeinovyj glue or the flour paste prepared as follows: 1,5 kg of a rye flour stir in one litre of warm water. After that to a mix add 6 litres of hot water and mix before paste reception. .

Separately in 3 litres of water 0,5 kg of joiner's glue are dissolved. The received glutinous solution is added to paste where it is added 100 more g turpentine. .

Before fabric gluing, it is desirable to remove plinths. The fabric is cut on pieces of the demanded length. Both the floor, and the back party of a fabric become covered by a thin layer kazeinovogo glue or flour paste. .

The Fabric hardly stretches, and tolevymi by nails the ends of a fabric which will be covered by plinths, and then in some places - and edges at first are beaten. The fabric is densely smoothed to a floor with the help shpatelja, and pronikshy through a fabric superfluous glue or paste leaves. .

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