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the Covering of a floor linoleum

basis Preparation under linoleum is similar to preparation of the surfaces covered with oil paints, i.e. The floor is cleared, grounded, shpakljuetsja and is ground. Plinths are necessary for removing temporarily.

Term of operation of a linoleum covering in many respects depends On good preparation of a surface. For example, on absolutely smooth surface linoleum maintains 25-30 years, on the rough basis - in 5-6 times it is less. .

Preparation of a cement floor is similar to that which is recommended for a covering of a floor by a newsprint layer, i.e. The basis is necessary oshpaklevat kazeinovo-cement putty in the ratio 1:4.

For one-two day before gluing a linoleum roll develop, cut off pieces of necessary length and the form and leave to lie on a floor.

gliftalevogo linoleum on a fabric basis it is expedient to apply To gluing kazeinovyj, or so-called. The cold glue prepared from a powder kazeinovogo of glue on pure water of a room temperature. With five litres of water mix 2-2,5 kg of a powder kazeinovogo glue. It is desirable to add to this quantity 100 more g 25%-s' liquid ammonia.

The Powder kazeinovogo glue is dissolved in water not less than 1-1,5 hours. Kazeinovyj glue cannot be warmed up. The prepared glue is necessary for using within 5 hours. .

To kazeinovomu to glue it is expedient to add portlandtsement. For preparation of kazeinovo-cement glue of a powder of 3,5 kg kazeinovogo glue mix with 6 litres of water before definitive dissolution of casein. The cement dough from 3 litres of water and 8 kg portlandtsementa which joins a solution kazeinovogo glue separately prepares and mixes up before paste reception smetanoobraznoj consistences. Kazeinovo-cement glue is necessary for using within 3-4 hours. At application of this glue the basis is preliminary grounded by the same glue, but diluted. Good glue for linoleum is mastic DFK.

At gluing of linoleum glue is put maklovitsej, a brush or a brush at first on a floor by a dense layer, and then a thin layer on the back party of linoleum.

The glue Layer on a floor is levelled gear shpatelem (fig. 36. After that linoleum nestles on a floor and air which has remained under it is squeezed out by a rag in a direction to linoleum edges.

a Fig. 36. Tools for linoleum installation: and - gear wooden shpatel for paste drawing, - gear metal shpatel, in, g - knifes for are sharp linoleum, d - a scrap of edges of linoleum.

a Fig. 36. Tools for linoleum installation:
And - gear wooden shpatel for paste drawing, - gear metal shpatel, in, g - knifes for are sharp linoleum, d - a scrap of edges of linoleum.

For reception of a quality surface it is desirable for linoleum pressing to a floor to apply the wooden platen covered with rubber. It is possible to use also platens for a photo.

Linoleum Cloths stack vnahlest so that one blocked another on 15 mm. After gluing both cloths are simultaneously cut in a seam place by a sharp knife on a ruler (fig. 36. The cut off edges of linoleum leave also edges are definitively stuck, and it is desirable to apply the platen to pressing of edges. Only under plinths linoleum is beaten tolevymi by nails. .

Larger cracks in linoleum seams, and also cracks between linoleum, a plate or an oven are filled oil shpaklevkoj to which iron minium or any other pigment approaching on colour is added. The crack in linoleum can fill also linoleumovoj with the weight dissolved in alkali. Then plinths are established.

Installation of linoleum without a label . As linoleum gluing not always yields desirable results (after time under linoleum there are air bags), it is more expedient to establish linoleum without gluing. On absolutely equal and smooth floor the cut panels of linoleum are put on couple of weeks. After that cracks between panels are filled linoleumovoj with the mastic dissolved in acetone, and the edges of linoleum located along walls, become covered by plinths. The linoleum established thus smoothly and exactly lays down on a floor.

The Panels of linoleum intended for a covering of a floor of kitchen and a bathroom, it is desirable to cut on a little big pieces that their edges at a wall could be bent on 2-3 sm up. After installation of plinths the water which has got on a floor does not get between a floor and a wall.

linoleum Colouring . The linoleum covering of a floor is coated because in due course it wears out and becomes spotty. Besides, linoleum frequently paint in more light of tone because its natural rather dark colour is undesirable.

There is an opinion as if the paint on linoleum not so well keeps and consequently, it is not necessary to paint it. Actually oil paint (an ordinary paint for a floor) keeps on linoleum better, than on board to a floor. As the surface of linoleum is usually much more smooth than a deal floor the painted linoleum is much more beautiful and better than a deal floor. .

Before colouring it is necessary to wash up well a floor and to allow to it to dry up. If the floor has been earlier rubbed by wax, for washing it it is necessary to take a solution kaltsinirovannoj (linen) soda (in three quarters of a bucket of hot water to dissolve about one tea glass of linen soda). It is necessary to wash carefully with a brush as the wax layer will interfere with drying of an oil paint. After washing to rinse a floor with pure water and to allow to it to dry out.

If wax was absorbed deeply during a linoleum time, it should be wiped still a tampon moistened with turpentine or aviation petrol. Turpentine and aviation petrol will dissolve wax in a floor time, and it will be removed by a tampon. Ordinary gasoline for this purpose is not necessary. .

After definitive drying of a floor linoleum is grounded by an oil varnish, karbamidno-formaldegidnym pitch varnish МЧ-26, pentaftalevym a varnish, gliftalevym a varnish or "яюыіёъшь a varnish for яюыр" etc. After drying of a varnish the floor is painted. For the lack of a varnish it is possible to put a paint and it is direct on pure linoleum, i.e. Without a first coat.

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