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the Covering of a floor tiled plywood

For a floor covering now use tiled materials more and more. They are much more equal and cheaper than a classical deal floor, they can be fixed both on wood, and on the concrete bases.

The Wood-fiber plate for a floor or "¶шэёър  яряър" thickness of 4 mm, on the one hand is brilliant-smooth. The most widespread size 275x170 sm, but let out also the smaller sizes. This material most approaches for a covering of the smooth bases of a floor. Durability on a bend of a wood-fiber plate small and it demands an equal surface of the basis. Old floors with the caved in boards it is necessary preliminary oshpaklevat (shpaklevochnye mixes - see "Пяръыхтрэшх board яюыют"). As possible otsloenie thick shpaklevochnogo a layer under a tiled material will not spoil a ready floor, it is possible shpaklevat a floor a layer of any thickness, but it is absolutely smooth. .

The Timber floor under "¶шэёъѕ¦ яряъѕ" it is possible to arrange and from nestruganyh equal boards in the thickness 20 or 25 see Thus, depending on width of boards the distance between logs should be from 40 to 50 see Not strugannye boards shpaklevat it is not necessary.

Plates put shining, steady against wear process, a surface upwards. Them try on and cut in a place on all floor, plate edges leave on distance of 1-1,5 sm from a wall. Then the smooth surface of all plates needs to be wetted water, having sprinkled or having wiped a wet rag, and to combine their one on another. The humidified plates leave for days in stacks. Next day plates can be laid on a floor, having beaten them or having pasted; usually use both ways together. For gluing all building glues are suitable, it is more convenient to use kazeinovym; that stuck together surfaces have been densely pressed, use the bags filled with sand, bricks, etc. .

The Covering of a floor is made by three-layer plywood similarly to installation of wood plates. Plywood is several times more rigid than a wood-fiber plate and it needs to be glued only together with frequent pribivaniem nails.

Both materials krepjat to the basis of 20-25 mm nails. Distance between nails on edge of a plate of 2-3 sm, in the middle - as required. To avoid occurrence even the smallest cracks between plates after painting of a floor, edges of plates need to be stuck together pitch glue (EPO). .

The Brilliant surface of a wood-fiber plate contains in a considerable quantity pitch glue, also as well as EpO-shpaklevka. Therefore before painting a plate it is desirable ogruntovat an oil varnish.

Plates often varnish, and preliminary morilkoj or a solution margantsevokislogo kalija can give the floor an original structure. .

Basically, plates can be pasted and on the concrete bases, but thus it is necessary to consider that this floor will be cold. Glue in this case prepare in the form of mastic with cement addition.

The Wood-fiber plate, so-called "я¦ёёшёър  яыш=р" more thickly drevesnostruzhechnoj four times (usually 19 mm) and approximately in as much time are more expensive. The three-layer firm wood-fiber plate possesses necessary elasticity and she demands the smooth and continuous basis. It can be stacked and it is direct on logs the distance between which should be no more than 45 see

Usually drevesnostruzhechnye plates to a floor do not paste, and beat 50-70 mm nails. Edges of plates are desirable for sticking together pitch glue. .

It is more expedient to lay On the concrete basis "яыртр¦Ёшщ" a floor from drevesnostruzhechnyh plates. For this purpose the concrete basis level cement shpaklevkoj (cement + latex, cement + casein, etc.). On concrete stack two-three layers of a building cardboard and pitch glue stick together edges drevesnostruzhechnyh plates. The surface of wood-fiber plates does not become impregnated with pitch glue and before varnishing or colouring it needs to be grounded oksolem.

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