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the Covering of surfaces
Wood-fiber plates (a part 2)

As drevesnostruzhechnye plates have an original surface, them usually cover with a transparent finishing layer. It is desirable to apply absolutely transparent (colourless) varnishes, such, how gliftalevyj, pentaftalevyj, etc. .

a Fig. 30. Profiles of laths insulakovyh plates: and - a plinth, - a butt lath, in - a lath of an internal corner, g - a lath of an external corner.

a Fig. 30. Profiles of laths insulakovyh plates:
And - a plinth, - a butt lath, in - a lath of an internal corner, g - a lath of an external corner.

Struzhechnye of a plate can cover with any transparent paint also. For this purpose it is possible to use a usual paint for a woollen fabric which is put on a surface by a brush, kraskopultom or a vacuum cleaner spray. After drying of a paint the plate becomes covered by a transparent varnish.

Before transparent furnish struzhechnyh plates of a head of nails become covered opilochnoj by the mastic prepared on a place from a transparent varnish or liquid glass to which dry small sawdust is added. .

Between plates it is possible to cover Seams profilirovannymi rejkami or to finish without them. At transparent furnish, on seams rejki are not imposed. In that case plates get off with a facet at an angle 45 ° and width 3-5 mm (fig. 29. If plates have equal edges or there is a possibility for their accurate processing, it is desirable to apply so-called. Slot-hole furnish (fig. 29,) where between sides of plates the crack in width about 1 is left see .

Wood-fiber plates are produced from the crushed wood-fiber weight and special mixes. Plates are produced by pressing and thermal processing. By manufacture so-called. The superfirm plates intended for a covering of floors, the weight becomes impregnated with waterproof artificial pitches or drying up oils and is exposed to thermal processing.

Wood-fiber plates are issued five kinds: superfirm, firm, semifirm, finishing and izoljatsionnye. The length of plates of 120-360 sm, width 120-180 see the Thickness of superfirm, firm and semifirm plates of 4-6 mm, izoljatsionnyh - 12-25 mm. .

Superfirm, firm and semifirm wood-fiber plates on the one hand have smooth and shining, and with another - slightly rough surface (they of light brown colour and them it is possible to use instead of kleenoj ordinary plywood for a covering of floors, ceilings, walls etc.). Wood-fiber plates become covered by oil or other not water structures. .

As the Face sheet can serve both a smooth and rough surface. Seams of plates usually oshpaklevyvajutsja or become covered profilirovannymi rejkami, it is possible to apply furnish by a facet or a crack also.

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