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the Covering of walls boards

Boards of an internal covering it is possible to have both vertically, and it is horizontal. Obshivochnye boards become covered by a light transparent varnish, are painted with an oil paint, oil or synthetic enamel, etc.

In drawing 35 the most common profiles of boards for an internal covering are shown. For a covering boards in width of 10-12 sm and of 18-22 mm undertake thickness. .

The so-called simple covering is most often used, i.e. A covering neshpuntovannymi boards (fig. 35. Expressive the covering from boards with angular (fig. 35, g,) or a triangular groove (e,) turns out.

If the covering becomes covered by a transparent and light varnish, it is desirable to hide heads of nails. It can be made, if for a covering to take shpuntovannye boards (fig. 35, g and. It is possible also krepit boards to a wall the nickelized screws for a tree (fig. 35,).

On equal wooden walls, for example, karkasno-zasypnye or board, and also on board partitions of a board of a covering it is possible to beat directly, without surface preparation, and the direction of boards of a covering can be both horizontal, and vertical. Numbers of nails should be equal, the distance between nails 60-70 see .

On walls with horizontal logs, boards are beaten vertically, bruski or boards with distance between them 60-70 see If the wooden covering is provided to be used for warming of walls, to them are beaten bruski by section 6X6 sm with distance between them 50 see Between bruskami floor-mats from mineral cotton wool 50X100 sm and of 6 sm then to bruskam covering boards are beaten are located thickness.


a Fig. 35. Types of boards for internal facing.

a Fig. 35. Types of boards for internal facing.

For fastening bruskov, in a wall apertures in diameter of 10 mm are drilled and depth 10 see In them stoppers from a dry strong tree on distance of 70-80 sm from each other are hammered. To stoppers dry boards of a covering fasten.

To a stone wall of a board of a covering it is possible to beat both vertically, and it is horizontal. .

Furnish of a wooden covering by means of a blowtorch . If to singe boards of a covering a blowtorch interesting picturesque furnish will turn out, at processing of a surface of wood by fire the part burns out it faster (basically a summer part of a year ring), giving to drawing of wood an originality.

Roasting can be begun, when the blowtorch nozzle becomes absolutely red, and fire uniform. Yellow fire to burn a surface it is impossible, t, to. The board can become covered by soot. It is necessary to fill fire perpendicularly to a board and so that boards the torch end concerned, i.e. Its hottest part. At work fire moves slowly along a board with uniform speed which depends on temperature of a flame and from that, how much wood dry. It is necessary to watch, that wood drawing was homogeneous and contrast. .

For simplification of work of a board are put on goats or stools. For once on goats it is possible to place 4-5 boards closely to each other. To beat them to a wall follows in the same order in what they lay at roasting on goats.

To Burn the boards beaten to a wall, categorically it is forbidden fire prevention rules.

Contrast drawing turns out at roasting only wood of coniferous breeds. After boards are beaten to a wall, it is necessary to cover the burnt surface with natural drying oil, a nitrovarnish, gliftalevym a varnish or karbamidno-formaldegidnym a varnish. .

It is necessary to mean that contrast of the drawing received at processing of a surface of wood by a blowtorch, quickly weakens under the influence of direct solar beams. For example, drawing on the wall of an external covering of the house located on a sunny side, loses contrast already in couple of months. Therefore it is not necessary to burn boards of an external covering of walls on which direct beams of the sun get.

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