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Damage of wood by insects

the Insects damaging wood, get into furniture, logs of walls, ceiling beams and other secluded places. Often they are imperceptible until designs partially or completely will not fail; It is necessary to know that there where there were wreckers of wood, the tree, as they say, is eaten. .

Damages from insects usually are not appreciable because larvae originally disappear rather deeply. After they make courses in a tree, on a surface round apertures start to appear. It means that development of the first generation of larvae has ended and zhuchki have appeared through letki. Behind the first generation there is the second and so on until wood will not be completely destroyed: under its thin cover it is possible to find only dust.

the Bug-grinder and a bug-man with a big moustache . All insects spoiling wood in the people name wood molju. Actually them divide into two families: bugs-grinders (Anabidae) and bugs-men with a big moustache (Ermbycidae).

The Full cycle of development of a furniture bug-grinder from egg to an adult insect, lasts from six months about one year, and sometimes and it is more, depending on temperature conditions. .

The Bug-grinder postpones eggs in cracks in wood, in old letki and in other secluded places for wood surfaces. As for the polished and varnished surface of furniture to postpone eggs it is more difficult, the insect chooses for this purpose, for example, furniture legs where from washing of a floor the paint is partially removed, on back unpainted walls of cases, boxes etc.

In couple of weeks from eggs vylupljajutsja larvae of some millimetres, leave on some centimetres from a place where they hatched, and go deep into wood. In process of larva advancement in a tree there are courses which are filled with the wood crushed in a powder and vydelenijami larvae. In process of larva growth the courses done by it extend to 2 millimetres. Courses go deep into wood on depth to 4 sm from a surface. .

The Following stage of development - okuklivanie. A larva okuklivaetsja in wood. Duration of a stage of development of a doll makes from several weeks about one month. After that the adult insect gets out through letok on a surface of wood and the new cycle begins.

Furniture mol destroy basically, injecting in letki turpentine, kerosene and other similar means. However, in such a way larvae are destroyed not completely.

Destruction of a bug-grinder and a bug-man with a big moustache . It is possible to take advantage, for example, of such recipe. Approximately in two litres of water to dissolve 30 grammes karbofosa or hlorofosa. The received solution is put on a furniture surface. If the paint or a varnish on furniture are waterproof (for example, epoksidnyj), furniture it is possible to cover a varnish completely with a solution karbofosa or hlorofosa. Otherwise the solution is put only on unpainted surfaces - both external, and hidden. It is possible to put a solution a garden sprayer or a spray from a vacuum cleaner (it it is desirable to do in the open air). It is possible to take advantage also of a brush or a damp rag. Within summer it should be made some times. After drying on a surface there is the most thin layer karbofosa or hlorofosa. Karbo - or hlorofos, of course, the insect will not kill, but will lower its fruitfulness. At an egg laying get on a surface covered karbofosom or hlorofosom and if from them larvae they cannot drill a tree any more develop. Application karbofosa or hlorofosa sharply interrupts a cycle of development furniture ask. And results that will be more effective, than more carefully the furniture is covered karbofosom or hlorofosom. .

Similar protection is applied, if wood mol was got in building parts. Here it is necessary to use a garden sprayer or a spray for a paint to spray logs of walls, ceiling beams, etc.

If the bug-grinder is found out in wall logs, it is necessary to remove wall-paper and to spray logs karbofosom or hlorofosom. Outside it is necessary to process chemicals an interval between a wall and a covering. So it is possible to rescue the house from destruction

For destruction wood ask it is possible to use also geksahloran, etc. in the form of a powder of water suspension or oil emulsii. In shops different means for destruction wood are on sale ask with instructions on their application. .

Safety precautions . At work with karbofosom and hlorofosom it is necessary to remember that their solutions are poisonous, not only for insects, but also for the person. Therefore at spraying they should use a respirator. After work with poisonous substances it is necessary to wash up carefully hands, and boxes and cases carefully to wipe.

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