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Drainage of crude walls

the Bottom part of a wall up to windows happens crude that between a wall and the base the isolating layer from roofing felt has not been laid. In the autumn the earth round the base becomes damp. Stones of the base and a solution absorb a moisture which rises along a socle to a wall and further, usually to windows (fig. 49). At such walls wall-paper starts to grow mouldy and fall off. The furniture being nearby from such wall also becomes crude and becomes covered by a mould layer. If on the base there is no insulation layer, the floor along a wall also becomes damp and decays. .

When such house is under repair, it is necessary to remove a part of a floor along a wall and on this part of the base to put the insulation layer from roofing felt or a film against which the ends of sexual beams lean. Also it is necessary to isolate the dampness getting into walls of premises. .

In the Summer when the wall will dry up, from it old wall-paper together with paper for recycling leaves. On their place on the bottom part of a wall the polyethylene film in two layers which is pasted by an upper edge under a window sill becomes stronger, and the bottom edge fastens on the base under edge of a sexual beam. As glue paste can be used lateksnyj glue PVA or any another, and also. It is possible to beat also the top layer of a film to a wall tolevymi nails. .

As the crude wall is much colder dry, on it the moisture which is in room air is condensed and it becomes still syree. Therefore it should be warmed. .

For this purpose it is necessary to beat after film gluing to a floor at the bottom part of a wall horizontal brusok 6X6 sm or 4X6 see Same brusok it is beaten from below to a window sill. Between these bruskami stack floor-mats from mineral cotton wool in the thickness of 6 sm and become covered by a facing plate or boards. For this purpose is better approach stroganye boards of coniferous breeds. The covering is painted and varnished. The covering upper edge becomes covered for all length of a wall rejkoj or bruskom the same thickness as well as a window sill. The covering does a wall of mineral cotton wool dry and warm. .

a Fig. 49. Protection against dampness if between a stone wall and the base there is no insulation layer.

a Fig. 49. Protection against dampness if between a stone wall and the base there is no insulation layer.

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