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Drawing of patterns on a surface (a part 3)

Relief furnish . For relief (impressive) furnish of a surface prepare viscous glutinous shpaklevku which put on a surface a layer in the thickness about 3 mm. This surface can give various reliefs, for example, tortsuja a brush, a sponge or a rag or directing semicircles a bottle or can bottom etc. .

After drying of its surface it is possible to paint, varnish, cover with bronze etc., and also to paint in some colours. Examples of relief furnish are represented on fig. 19. At impressive furnish the patten relief platen is applied also. .

Decorative furnish of wall-paper . In apartment usually old wall-paper is replaced with the new. For a change it is possible to cover old wall-paper with glutinous paints and to finish with a rag or aerographic pattern, the platen or it is relief. For example, it is possible to paint a face wall of premises light klevymi with paints the colour approaching to furniture. .

a Fig. 19. Relief furnish of a surface: and - a brush-toptsovkoj, - shpatelem; in - a brush wound with a fabric.

a Fig. 19. Relief furnish of a surface:
And - a brush-toptsovkoj, - shpatelem; in - a brush wound with a fabric.

fig. 20

a Fig. 20

Vytjagivanie of a panel . Other three walls to process boldly in more dark tones. Vytjagivanie panels. For drawing of the lines dividing surfaces, are applied filenochnye brushes which 1 sm for oil paints should be flat with length of a bristle, and to glutinous paints - round, with length of a bristle to 4 see .

On the surfaces covered with water paints as panels, and trafaretnye patterns are put by a pigment possessing good pokryvaemostju to which the glutinous solution and a few salts is added. Panels dissolved in milk, and also guashevymi are well extended by paints. For vytjagivanija panels the usual ruler (fig. 20) is applied. .

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