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Drawing of patterns on a surface

Trafaretnaja furnish . On a surface by means of a cliche oil or glutinous paints put a pattern. A cliche do of a dense thin cardboard from which cut out a necessary pattern. For increase of stability of its cliche impregnate oksolem or drying oil. .

At furnish the cliche is put to a surface and through the cut out pattern a brush drawing (fig. 14) jams. On a course of colouring the cliche gradually moves. .

Depending on a pattern simple direct and return cliches (fig. 15) are applied. At application of a return cliche the pattern is formed of the basic paint of a surface.

Now trafaretnaja furnish is applied seldom. Basically cliches are applied at colouring of figured borders. .

a Fig. 16. aerografija: and - aerographic furnish by a spray, - furnish by a pistol-spray, in - the sample of aerographic furnish of a surface.

a Fig. 16. aerografija:
And - aerographic furnish by a spray, - furnish by a pistol-spray, in - the sample of aerographic furnish of a surface.

Aerographic furnish . If a paint put on a surface through a cliche a spray (fig. 16, a spray of a vacuum cleaner or a pistol-spray (fig. 16,) the received furnish is called as aerographic. Using a spray, the surface covering can be executed with smooth transitions, having received thus at application of a small number of cliches and colours beautiful patterns (fig. 16,). .

the Rag pattern . The rag pattern is similar on marble and depends on applied colours, rags and taste of the worker. Furnish of a surface by rags is very simple and with it everyone can consult.

To Produce rags is better from an old bed-sheet so that the fisted rag had diameter of 10 sm or it could be curtailed into the platen in size about a bottle. A rag lower in colourful structure, then wring out surpluses of a paint and compress in a lump or turn off in the platen. This platen or a lump a paint roll on a wall in a direction from below upwards a strip behind a strip, non-uniformly. As required a rag again moisten with a paint. .

For reception of more equal pattern each time after namachivanija the platen in a paint prokatyvat it on a piece of plywood for removal of a superfluous paint is recommended. The general view of the received pattern depends on property of a material, density of a rag lump and drawing receptions, and also from, whether nakatan on a wall a pattern a lump or the platen.

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