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Facing of walls by tiles (a part 2)

Edges of tiles otesyvajutsja also are ground. At manual otesyvanii are applied sharpened also a grinding wheel, and in quality sharpened it is possible to use also a usual silicate brick. For otesyvanija it is possible to use and karborundovym tochilom.

After facing of walls seams are filled with the white cement test, and in the absence of it is plaster. The facing upper edge becomes covered rejkoj (fig. 36). .

Gluing of tiles . On the equal and smooth plastered or concrete surface of a tile it is possible to paste glue PVA or mastic DFK. A surface preliminary shpakljuetsja, are cut wooden rejki by section 7X7 mm, tiles are sorted by the size. Then tiles of identical height take places in one horizontal number. Mastic DFK is imposed on a tile underside shpatelem, and glue PVA - a brush. If the floor plinth is removed, the first row is located directly on a floor (fig. 34) or on wooden rejku, strengthened on a floor. If the plinth did not act in film, the first row of tiles takes places directly on its upper edge. Smeared by mastic or tile glue are driven into the corner so that between them there was a vertical seam in width of 7 mm. When all number of tiles is laid, on their upper edges is established rejka 7X7 mm and naklady-vaetsja the second row of tiles, and the left edge of a tile of this number should be on one vertical line with a left edge bottom. So all numbers of tiles (fig. 34) keep within. If tiles are pasted by glue PVA svezhepolozhennuju the tile needs to be taken a little that glue has seized. .

a Fig. 33. Packing glazurovannyh tiles.

a Fig. 33. Packing glazurovannyh tiles.

a Fig. 34. Gluing glazurovannyh tiles.

a Fig. 34. Gluing glazurovannyh tiles.

Next day rejki seams are cleaned also closed up by a cement mortal or plaster. Seams can be made zapodlitso, convex or bent and to paint with any light paint, for example, white or light yellow, nitrogliftovoj enamel.

Instead of reek at installation of tiles it is possible to use a strong three-millimetric cord (for example, window sealing). .

Sometimes dark mastic DFK is absorbed in a white ceramic tile and on its face sheet there are stains. Therefore it is desirable to check up preliminary action of this mastic on one tile and in case of need to use other glue.

Facing of walls by polystyrene tiles. Polystyrene tiles are issued various colouring in the sizes 10X10 Tiles see are applied in the same purposes, as ceramic glazurovannye tiles. Polystyrene tiles nakleijutsja corresponding glutinous mastic on plastered, concrete, covered with dry plaster, plywood or on other equal internal surface. .

On the dry smooth plastered wall of a tile are pasted melovo-olifovoj by mastic (2 weight parts of a chalk and 1 weight part of drying oil or oksoli) At gluing of tiles the wall surface in regular intervals becomes covered by a thin layer of mastic, and tiles on one nestle on this layer. .

It is even better to paste tiles on a wall polystyrene glutinous mastic "Р=шЁю" household chemical goods let out by Association "ИыюЁр". Polystyrene wall tiles cannot be applied at facing of kitchen walls, since. Near to a plate they can ignite. It is impossible to cover also with them surfaces of furnaces, guards and other inflammable places.

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