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Facing of walls by tiles

For protection taps, steam and dampness and for hygienic reasons of a wall of premises are sheathed by tiles.

Facing of walls ceramic glazurovannymi tiles (fig. 32). Ceramic glazurovannye tiles are applied basically to facing of walls of a bathroom, a toilet and kitchen. The normal sizes of a tile 150X150 mm and a thickness no more than 6 mm. .

Tiles are established usually on the plastered surface. If a processed surface smooth and absolutely vertical installation of tiles on a stone wall can be carried out without its preliminary oshtukaturivanija.

Wooden walls are desirable for plastering on a wire grid or wire weaving. To oshtukaturivanija on distance of 10-15 sm one from another in a wall are beaten nails so that their heads acted from a wall surface approximately on 15 mm. The wire grid or weaving is attached to nails from a wire in the thickness in 1,5 mm.

The walls Prepared thus are plastered by a difficult solution 1:2:9 (1 part of cement, 2 parts of the limy test and 9 parts of sand). The plaster surface is levelled, but not smoothed down. Tiles can be established right after oshtukaturivanija. .

If tiles are necessary for establishing on a surface covered with an old oil or glutinous paint, it is necessary for scratching out preliminary.

The Thickness of a layer of a solution between tiles and a wall depends on a condition of a surface and averages 7-15 mm. .

a Fig. 32. Facing of walls ceramic glazurovannymi tiles.

a Fig. 32. Facing of walls ceramic glazurovannymi tiles.

Vertical position and exact distance of facing from a wall is defined by means of a plumb. For this purpose at height of 20-50 sm from a facing upper edge are driven in into a wall majachnye nails (fig. 32). Heads of nails should act from a wall for all thickness of facing, i.e. On 13-23 mm. With majachnyh nails plumbs on which are established t wall lower corners majachnye tiles go down. Between these tiles the bottom number of the tiles which correctness is necessary for checking a direct board or a rule is established. Then on the bottom number the second row, then the third etc. is established. To an upper edge. Correctness of an arrangement of tiles is checked during a laying with the help majachnogo a cord and a rule. .

At a laying of tiles from an upper edge of the established number kelmoj the squeezed out strip of a solution is cut off. Before tile installation its back party is smeared with a glutinous plastic solution. From a bottom edge of an established tile the solution is cut off at an angle nearby 20 °. At first the tile bottom edge (on one line with an upper edge of the previous number plija a current) is precisely established into place, and then slightly tapping kelmoj on a tile, it establish in strictly vertical position (fig. 33). .

Before a tile laying it is necessary to keep not less than 2 hours per water. Tiles are established on a cement mortal 1:3 (1 part portlandtsementa and 3 parts of sand) and cut steklorezom (from pobedita) by which on a tile line is spent. The tile breaks on line on the brink of a table. Narrow strips are broken off by nippers.

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