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the Floor from metlahskoj tiles

Floors cover also with ceramic sexual tiles, so-called, metlahskimi tiles which happen square (10X10 and 15X15 sm) and six-coal with the party 10 the Thickness of a tile of 10 mm see.

Floors of ladder platforms become covered by Metlahsky tiles, terraces, platforms, etc. Tiles keep within on reliable, the stone or concrete basis is desirable. .

The Thickness of a cement layer under tiles - from 3,5 to 4 see the Cement mortal undertakes in the relation approximately 1:4. Before tile packing namachivajut in water. Directly ahead of packing, the cement mortal layer is moistened and on it disseminate through a sieve a layer of cement in the thickness of 1-2 sm and cautiously spray water, but not so that all layer of a solution has got plasticity. Tiles keep within for once seven numbers. .

The Best coupling is reached, if each tile before installation into place to lower the back party in liquid cement milk. Tiles press in the beginning on 1-2 mm into the cement basis. After installation semirjadnoj strips of tiles on a place, press them a piece of wood (length 6-7 sm) into a solution on 6 mm, i.e. To a floor surface. .

Directly after installation in seams between tiles the cement mortal prepared on small sand (in the ratio 1:1) is rubbed. Then tiles are cleared by sawdust before the solution will harden. .

If some tiles have dropped out of an old floor, it is necessary to beat out from this place a chisel an old solution, to clear the basis, to put a tile in water approximately at 2 o'clock and again to establish it in a place on a cement mortal (in the ratio 1:3). .

It is possible to put the Old dropped out tile on a former place, having greased its back party lateksnym with glue PVA or mastic DFK.

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