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the Parquet floor is usually rubbed with wax. As it is necessary to replace the polluted layer of mastic rather often, recently parquet floors cover with a layer strong colourless and iznosoustojchivogo a varnish.

parquet floor Preparation . Before to varnish a floor, the parquet needs to be cleared carefully of old mastic, since. The remained mastic interferes vpityvaniju and tverdeniju a varnish. Therefore the old layer of mastic is erased by a steel shaving or scratched out tsiklej. .

The Old layer of mastic can be removed partially also a wet sexual rag. Thus, it is desirable to use for floor washing warm 2-3% th solution kaltsinirovannoj soda (in one litre of water to dissolve 20-30 grammes of soda). After that the floor is rinsed by pure water and dried up. If wax was absorbed deeply during a wood time, the floor is necessary for wiping still a tampon moistened with turpentine.

the Covering of a parquet floor a varnish . After polishing and careful clearing a floor ground a warm light nitrovarnish. After a half an hour it is possible to put the first varnish coat on it. A floor varnish a brush three times with breaks at 16 o'clock. .

The Most widespread varnishes for a floor - pentaftalevye. Unlike them surface steadier against wear process is given by pitch varnishes which mix up from a varnish and a hardener. As there are many various kinds of varnishes and hardeners, it is impossible to give the general recipe of mixing. Equal durability with pitch varnishes possess poliuretanovye varnishes УР-293 and УР-294. Their varnish film is colourless also very firm. According to the instruction to their application it is necessary to dilute butilatsetatom or complex solvent № 189. In their practice dilute with thinner СР-2.

Parquet Varnishing yields desirable result only at application of a high-quality special varnish for a floor. Traditionally for parquet varnishing use mainly Pf-varnishes, and also oil varnishes 4с and 6с. Two-componental pitch varnishes both poliuretanovye varnishes УР-293 and УР-294 are much steadier against deterioration. The last now - the most good-quality varnishes for a floor. - unicomponent, them it is possible to dilute Urs-varnishes butilatsetatom, solvent № 189 and thinner СР-2. With an Ur-varnish cover a floor 2-3 times with a 24-one hour's interval. At varnish drawing it is necessary to watch, that the floor was absolutely pure. .

After a covering of a floor a varnish necessity for application for its cleaning of a metal shaving disappears. Care of a floor covered with a varnish, consists in wiping by its rag moistened in a solution of soap water. Washing of a parquet by other water is not supposed, since. Otherwise water gets into plates of a parquet and in cracks between them. Under the influence of dampness the parquet inflates and lifts nails with which it fastens a little. After drying such parquet starts to creak. Therefore at removal of old mastic it is necessary to use water as less as possible. .

Lacks of the floor covered with a varnish . The floor covered with a varnish shines, but only if it is not scratched. For example, it is impossible to dance on such to a floor, since. Shine is not restored, and varnish coat removal - very much a laborious work. Therefore it is not necessary to cover floors, for example, in vestibules and other such premises.

Besides, it is not necessary to varnish a parquet which plates were loosened and are mobile. In this case between separate plates cracks which cannot be closed up already are formed. .

If the parquet varnish is already got, it should be used faster probably, since. Its quality quickly worsens in due course.

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