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the General rules of colouring

Depending on demanded quality of a covering and technology of colouring are subdivided into three groups: simple, improved and high-quality.

Simple colouring does not provide preliminary preparation of surfaces. .

The Improved colouring is applied at furnish inhabited, public, etc. premises. The surfaces intended for colouring preliminary are smoothed down, ogruntovyvajutsja, shpakljujutsja etc. High-quality colouring is applied at furnish of theatres, clubs and other capital and monumental buildings. In comparison with improved, high-quality furnish provides more thorough training of surfaces, and frequently - even special processing of a covering (tortsovku, smoothing, relief furnish etc.). .

At repair of apartments of a rule of quality usually are not observed. For example, at whitewashing of ceilings of a crack of plaster extend and make up, but a ceiling usually not ogruntovyvaetsja special first coats. Simple colouring here does not provide rasshivki the cracks, the improved colouring demands ogruntovanija a surface first coats under glutinous paints. At the discretion of the owner of apartment quality of furnish can partially or meet the requirements of high-quality furnish completely. Therefore in the given book simple and high-quality furnish at repair, without allocation of features on groups of furnish are described. .

At colouring, ogruntovke, shpaklevanii and pasting by wall-paper it is necessary to watch that the processed surface was dry first of all. The subsequent paint coat or shpaklevki can be imposed only after full prosyhanija an underlaying layer (default of this requirement often causes nevysyhanie floors). Humidity of painted wood should not exceed 12%, i.e. Wood should be dry. Only it is authorised to put limy paints on the crude plastered surfaces. .

In order to avoid non-uniform drying of a painting covering of a window of all repaired premises should be glazed.

At internal painting works air temperature should be not more low +8 °, and at external - not more low +5 °. .

Preparation of repaired premises . From a repaired premise it is desirable to take out furniture and all other things. As a last resort the big and heavy things can be placed for the period of repair in the middle of a room and with something to cover. From walls it is necessary to take out all nails and hooks. It is necessary to cover floors with dry sawdust, newspapers or any other paper (in three - four layers). After whitewashing of ceilings it is necessary to remove come unstuck wall-paper from walls.

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