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Glues and their preparation

the Nomenclature of the glutinous means applied in painting and decorating, is constantly supplemented with new synthetic glues. Gluing ability at synthetic glues is better, than at natural, so-called. "ъырёёшёхёъш§" glues, thus their majority is ready to application and easily diluted. Preparation of organic glues is labour-consuming also term of their validity is limited. Glue use pure or mixed with small quantity napolnitelja as mastic for gluing of lumpy and rolled materials. Glues mix with colour pigments for preparation of the water paints, mixed with a considerable quantity napolnitelja - for preparation shpaklevki. .

Synthetic glues . Lateksnye glues - are most common now at painting and decorating. They are issued ready to application. Are if necessary diluted with cold water. Are steady against dampness. Vlagoustojchivy also are partially cold-resistant. Chemically react with cement, forming quickly-hardening and mechanically strong connection.

The Most common latex - PVAE with a weak sourish smell. In a liquid state - white, in dry - transparent glue. The scope of latex СКС-65 (from it prepare lateksnye paints К4) is limited to a specific smell which keeps from 2 months about one year. Lateksnye glues remain suitable for the use in the closed packing till 2 years, in colour structures and shpaklevkah - till 30 days. Similar gluing ability possess and lateksnye paints. .

KMTS (karboksilmetiltselljuloza) - the second widely applied artificial glue. It is delivered in the form of the belovato-yellow granulated powder. Apply to gluing of wall-paper and paper for recycling. In comparison with starched and flour pastes KMTS possesses the best gluing properties and, getting on an outer side of wall-paper, does not leave on it stains. Powder KMTS dilute with cold water. For dissolution 12 hours are required. Ready glue KMTS is outwardly similar to starched paste. 2 weeks suitable for the use remain and at storage does not decay. Unlike lateksnyh glues KMTS not vlagoustojchiv. KMTS is binding widely applied shpaklevki "SIPA" ("РЂ¤+") Various shades which put on stone surfaces both it is smooth, and it is impressive. The surfaces covered shpaklevkoj "РЂ¤+" "=р¦=" if on them water gets and after each humidifying demand repair. The mixes containing glue KMTS, getting on metal surfaces (pipes, the ferro-concrete armature), is formed by rust stains; in order to avoid it it is necessary to cover metal surfaces twice preliminary with oil varnishes or oil paints. In mixes with cement KMTS vlagoustojchiv, but it is not waterproof. .

Pitch glues . Many special glues consisting of synthetic glutinous pitch and a fixer concern this general group (so-called. Two-componental glues). They possess very good gluing properties, but is more expensive described above glues. Therefore and the area of their application is limited especially responsible, demanding the big mechanical durability, glutinous connections though theoretically these glues can be applied to gluing of any lumpy and tiled materials. .

ДФК-8 and ДФК-9 - most known of made glutinous pitches. They are produced from slate. To them are added glue EPO, karbamidsmoljanoj glue К-17, MFS and other pitch glues. At preparation of any pitch glue it is necessary to adhere to the instruction on its application, since. Working life in a ready kind is limited to several hours. For razbavlenija the majority of pitch glues use technical acetone. The mastics prepared on the basis of DFK, are used for gluing of tiles and rolls from synthetic materials, and also rubber. Glutinous connections DFK at humidifying lose 50% of durability, therefore them it is impossible to paste coverings in bathrooms and other damp premises. The majority of pitch glues are waterproof, their glutinous connections strong, but rigid. .

Elastic glues and mastics form numerous group of materials in which structures one of components is the synthetic rubber. Glutinous connections possess constant elasticity and are waterproof. Therefore they are the best glues for gluing of the majority of synthetic rolls and carpet coverings for a floor. Most accessible of them for application at apartment repair - kumaron-rubber mastics КН-2 and КН-3, and last from them contains more exicipients and consequently less liquid. Both structures are issued ready to application. At pasting by these glues both surfaces cover with glue, allow to dry up about 30 minutes and press to each other. Connection will be strong in 5 hours. Glues 88-N and 88-NP are similarly used also.

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