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House a mushroom (a part 2)

To avoid excessive dampness, it is important not to suppose condensation in building designs. Therefore outer sides of wooden walls cannot be sheathed a material which is not passing a moisture. In places where despite all measures, there is a danger otsyrevanija wood, it is necessary antiseptirovat - to impregnate or cover it with the materials interfering occurrence of decay. .

Antiseptirovat is necessary the bottom logs of wooden walls on height of 0,5 m on all perimetre of the base. Also antiseptirujutsja all ends of wooden logs leaning against the stone base, back walls of water tanks and bowls, wooden walls of bathrooms and other crude premises. .

For antiseptirovanija the most different chemical substances are used. The cheapest and good - from slate oil and coal kreozotovogo oils. Their lack consists that they have a pungent smell and dark colour. From antiseptic tanks dissolved in water the following is most common:

    3%-s' water solution of fluoric sodium
  • Fluoric sodium - 3 kg;
  • Painting substances - 0,05 kg;
  • Water - 97 l.
    3%-s' solution of fluoric sodium and kremneftoristogo sodium (3:1)
  • Fluoric sodium - 2,25 kg;
  • Kremneftoristyj sodium - 0,75 kg;
  • Painting substances - 0,05 kg;
  • Water - 97 l.

    (Structures are shown, at the rate on 100 litres of a solution).

For solution manufacturing to hot water consistently strew all making substances, carefully stir before reception of a uniform solution. The water temperature should be 90 95 °s.

The Expense of a solution the antiseptics for a double covering makes 0,6-0,8 litres on 1 m 2 wood. For impregnation it is required 0,5-0,7 l/m 2 a solution.

The Majority of antiseptic tanks are poisonous, therefore to use them it is necessary cautiously. On sale also there is oil antiseptics ready to the use "-шуэю" and "-х=ръё". .

For revealing of a house mushroom wooden structures need to be examined from time to time. It is necessary to eliminate the established reasons of dampness immediately - roofs, boards for a drain of water, a junction of pipes, etc. to repair. The dampened designs carefully to dry up by intensive ventilation. If considerable stains of a wood mushroom are found out, carefully to examine these places, to liquidate infection sources.

A defeat Sign house mushrooms is subsidence of floors, rastreskivanie plasters, occurrence of wet stains on plaster and wooden surfaces, occurrence mitselija on surfaces of wood and the specific smell which is not vanishing at airing. .

For prevention of the further distribution of a mushroom it is necessary to cut down or cut, remove all infected places from a design and immediately to burn. It is necessary to cut out also in probably big sizes wood round the amazed place. The remained disputes and mitsely in favorable conditions can again start to develop.

The Wooden designs which are near to amazed places, are disinfected. It is for this purpose used both usual antiseptics, and 10%-s' solution copper or iron kuporosa. Established to the place of removed wood should be antiseptirovana.

If house the mushroom has got into a ground floor floor, it is necessary to remove a floor and an underground part of a ground to depth 20 see After that the remained ground antiseptiruetsja 5%-s' solution kuporosa and becomes covered by dry sand. .

House the mushroom does not damage Stone designs, however it can extend on it. Mitsely on stone designs it is necessary to burn out a blowtorch.

It is necessary to tell that occurrence of a house mushroom is easier for warning, than it to liquidate. Therefore to build wooden designs follows, observing all rules, thriftily. The designs amazed with a mushroom at once to replace.

Antiseptics is poisonous. Therefore to use them it is necessary cautiously.

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