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thermal protection Improvement (a part 2)

Increase of a thermal protection of windows . The ordinary window with a double frame is passed in 3-5 times more heat, than by an external wall of the house. From total of heat lost through external walls and windows, 50% of losses it is necessary on windows. .

For increase of thermal resistance of windows it is possible to add to an ordinary double glazing third, having transformed a double glazing into the threefold. The third frame can be made most of reek section 2,5X3,5 sm in which the plane, a saw or a chisel cuts out a fold by depth of 1,3 sm and width 1 sm (fig. 45). .

a Fig. 45. A window with warm (third) cover.

a Fig. 45. A window with warm (third) cover.

The Glazed third frame fastens screws tightly (or can be established on loops) to lateral aspect of an internal frame of a window. As a result thermal resistance of a window raises approximately on third. On windows with the coupled frames the third frame is attached to an inside of an internal frame or to lateral aspect of an external frame. Cracks between internal frames and window boxes warm a tow, a newsprint, soft felt, etc., then frames paste over with a paper. In places prileganija internal frames to window boxes it is recommended to establish strips of soft rubber in the thickness of 3-5 mm which at the closed windows will make these cracks not blown. It is necessary to replace exfoliating putty new. It is necessary to watch serviceability of latches and density prileganija frames to window boxes. .

Increase of thermal resistance of external walls. Quality of a thermal protection of a wall can be defined roughly as follows. In the winter at external temperature nearby-10 °s, and in a room 20 ° heat, press a palm for one minute to a partition surface between two premises at height about 1,5 m from a floor and at once after that - to an external wall. If the surface of an external wall seems almost same warm, as well as a partition, we deal with a warm wall. If the external wall seems more coldly, thermal resistance of this wall small (the it is less, than seems the wall more coldly). .

Its technically wrong device can be the Principal cause here. Often walls do thin, without zasypki, without isolating air layers or teploizoljatsionnyh plates. The wall can be blown also in case seams between bricks are not accurately filled by a solution. Wooden buildings happen cold mainly owing to absence of an external covering. Not sheathed rublennuju a wall from vertically located logs it is necessary at first well prokonopatit and to sheathe. Is better a thermal protection of wooden walls raises their covering outside fibrolitovymi plates or brick facing. .

If walls are outside sheathed, but remain cold or if they cannot be sheathed outside, for increase of a thermal protection them sheathe from within. For this purpose there are many ways.

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