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thermal protection Improvement (a part 4)

Warming of ceilings is necessary only in the event that over apartment there is a cold attic. Warm from a premise gets through overlapping on an attic mainly because garret overlapping is badly isolated, that is the layer zasypki on overlapping is too small. .

Usually garret overlapping becomes covered by a slag layer. For increase of thermal resistance of a ceiling it is necessary slag zasypku to remove, replace with its layer of sawdust in the thickness 10-15 Sawdust see mixes with izvestju-pushenkoj in the ratio 10:1. After that sawdust it is necessary to fall asleep a slag layer as according to fire-prevention rules the top layer zasypki on an attic should be from slag, sand, clay or other nonflammable material. As sawdust passes heat in 2,5 times worse than slag the layer of sawdust in 10 sm has about the same thermal resistance how the layer of slag in 25 see in the thickness is even better it is possible to warm overlapping if under a slag layer to place a layer of mineral cotton wool in the thickness to 10 see .

Warming of floors . The main reason of that the floor in apartment cold, is its wrong design. Therefore, that the floor was warm, it is necessary to correct design errors first of all. If this work appears too labour-consuming partially to rectify situation pasting of a floor by newspaper either other paper or a covering drevesnostruzhechnymi plates will help.

In houses where there are no cellars, the reason of a cold floor is too thin layer teploizoljatsionnogo a material or wrong zasypka. The layer zasypki, being under sexual boards on nakate, should consist of a mix to exhaust-pushonki and dry sawdust in the ratio 1: 10, and the thickness of this layer should be 12 25 see Slag, sand or too thin layer opilochnoj zasypki are at the bottom of that a floor cold. .

The heat-insulated floor turns out, if underground space completely to fill with a clean sand. In this case any another zasypka is not necessary. The sand layer should reach boards. Whereas the temperature in premises usually exceeds temperature of an underground ground, sand under disks starts to dry at once and during some time dries up for all thickness of a layer. As sand is poorly capillary, the moisture from a ground cannot rise on it. As experience testifies, underground sand remains absolutely dry if the floor is located not less than on 20 sm above a surface of the earth and ground waters lie down below 1 m from a floor. Thus the minimum thickness of a layer of sand should be 20 Underground sand see should be absolutely pure, not contain clay and gumus. .

Such floor is under construction usually not on beams, and on logs. For this purpose the underground is filled to an upper edge of a socle with a clean sand. If there is an assumption that sand contains harmful fungi or bacteria, it is necessary to warm up its top layer in the thickness 10 see Directly on sand, is more true in sand, floor logs are established so that their top surface was flush with a sand surface. In quality logs it is possible to use a board in the thickness of 7 sm or a bar 10X10 the Distance between logs see should not exceed 80 the Ends a log see lean against the top surface of a socle or on the base, and an average part - directly on sand. In order to avoid rotting the ends a log leaning against a socle or the base, should be isolated 2-3 layers of roofing material as a moisture from a ground, rising on capillaries of a material of the base, can cause rotting of not isolated ends a log. If it is impossible to fill underground space with sand or it trudnoosushchestvimo, it is necessary to raise thermal resistance of a layer zasypki a floor. For this purpose it is recommended to remove an old layer zasypki and to fill space between sexual boards and a subfloor mineral cotton wool. In certain cases at sufficient height of an underground thermal resistance of a floor can be raised, having beaten to the bottom surface of sexual beams fibrolitovye or kamyshitovye plates 5-7 see in the thickness .

If under premises the cellar, is located by the reason of that the floor cold, is too thin layer zasypki under floor boards. And in this case it is desirable to replace old zasypku with mineral cotton wool. If zasypku it is impossible to replace, it is necessary to beat to a cellar ceiling fibrolitovye or kamyshitovye plates a layer 5-7 see in the thickness

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