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thermal protection Improvement

At normal heating the average temperature in premises should make 18-20 °. If next morning the temperature in rooms goes down more low 15 °, it is a sign of cold apartment. But there are also such apartments in which it is difficult to finish temperature even to 15 °. The cold apartment can be warmed at rather small expenses, and the owner of apartment can make all necessary works itself. .

Prior to the beginning of works it is necessary to find out, why apartment cold. mogug to be principal causes incorrectly constructed or too cold external walls, ceilings and floors, unduly big windows or incorrectly established window boxes, and also too small furnaces or radiators. Apartment warming is necessary for beginning with heating devices. .

Check of heating devices . The room furnace should be correctly combined, and its sizes to correspond to size of a heated premise. The technically correctly combined furnace should heat up within two-three hours after it will flood. Heated since evening should bake to be warm till the morning.

If the furnace after the fire chamber beginning heats up quickly it quickly and cools down. Hence, fast heating is not good property of the furnace as in comparison with normal it it is necessary to heat much more often.

If at a normal fire chamber the furnace is not heated absolutely, heats up partially or there is only warm, it yet a reason for replacement with its new furnace. Very often flues get littered with soot and it interferes with furnace heating. Therefore it is necessary to show it before to the chimney sweep and if it will be found out that the contamination is not at the bottom of weak heating, it is necessary to address to the stove-maker.

If the furnace is too small, it does not compensate heat lost through protecting designs (walls, ceilings, floors, windows etc.), and the apartment happens cold. .

The Usual height of premises makes 2,5-2,8 m, normal height of the tile furnace 8-g numbers of tiles or 215-245 the furnace Height in an iron case see is usually equal 230 the Sizes of the furnace for heating of a room by the area of 12 m 2 see should be not less 54X72 sm, and diameter of the round furnace - not less than 70 the Furnace on two rooms of average size see (a total area of 28-30 m 2 ) should have the sizes 70X90 sm, and the round furnace - diameter 90 see

Sometimes furnaces with an iron case heat up badly because they become covered by the aluminium paint interfering radiation of heat (Colouring oil and enamel ъЁрёърьш" see ";).

The Normal height of a heating guard is equal 205-245 sm, and width 110-120 see If such guard is combined correctly, it warms premises with the area of 10 m 2 . For heating of the big premises it is necessary to combine priplitnuju the furnace or a guard with a two-turnaround flue. It is necessary to mean that the heating guard heats well if during cold season to clean a flue from soot not less often than time in two months. .

The Sizes of radiators of a central heating depend on a room arrangement in a building. The surface of heating of each section of an ordinary radiator makes 0,25 m 2 . On each square metre of a surface of a floor in an one-storeyed building one section is required approximately. If, for example, the area of a room of 15 m 2 for its heating the radiator approximately from 15 sections is required. If the apartment is in a many-storeyed building where rooms are located between other premises, for their heating there are enough 6-8 sections.

It is recommended to cover Radiators not with an aluminium paint, and glutinous or not water paints (oil, nitropaints, pentaftalevoj enamel, an oven varnish, etc.). .

Teplootdachu of radiators can be increased sharply by the isolation located behind them of a wall fibrolitovymi plates, wood-fiber plates or a layer of mineral cotton wool. Wall painting behind a radiator an aluminium paint or a covering of this site the brilliant tin reflecting thermal radiation also interferes with losses of heat.

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