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Kinds of paints and their designation

Appointment of paints and their basic properties are specified on labels of container and in engineering specifications. Marks consist of letters and figures. For oil, soil paints, enamels and shpaklevok 5 groups of designations, for varnishes of 4 groups are used. .

The First group designates a kind of a material of a paint words (a paint enamel, etc.). The exception is made by such oil paints (MA) which dye consists of one pigment. On container instead of a word "ъЁрёър" the pigment name ("ю§Ёр" is written; "схышыр чшэъют№х" etc.). Between the first and second groups of a designation the additional index is established: for vodoemulsionnyh it is short - E, for powder - P, for water-soluble - V

In the second group of a designation the index of binding substance of colourful materials, which in accordance with GOST the following is resulted: the EXPERT - alkidno-akrilovye; AU - alkidno-uretanovye; ATS - acetyl-cellulose; AB - atsetobutirattselljuloznye; VT - bitumen; VTS - vinilatsetatnye; GF - gliftalevye; KF - kanifolnye; KCH - rubber; KP - kopalovye; TO - kremnijorganicheskie; KT - ksiftalevye; MS - oil - and alkidnostirolnye; MA - oil; ML - melaminovye; MCH - mochevinnye; NTS - nitrocellulose; PF - pentaftalevye; HV - perhlorvinilovye; AK - poliakrilovye; the HELL - polyamide; VA - polivinilatsetatnye; VL. polivinilatsetalnye; ID - polyamide; Ur - poliuretanovye; PE, PL - polyester; HS - sopolimerno-vinilhloridnye; VS - sopolimerno-vinilatsetatnye; KS - sopolimerno-karbamidnye; FA - fenolo-alkidnye; FL - phenolic; FP - ftoroplastovye; FR - furilovye; HP - chlorinated polyethylene; TST - tsiklogeksanovye; SHL - shellachnye; EP - epoksidnye; EF - epoksiefirnye; ETS - etiltselljuloznye; ET - etriftalevye; JAN - amber; NP - petropolymeric. .

The Third group defines the basic scope of a material: first coats and oil pastes, shpaklevochnye putties 00, weatherproof 1, for internal works 2, waterproof 4, special 5, malobenzostojkie 6, chemically proof 7, heat-resistant 8, elektroizoljatsionnye 9.

Thus a sign on a designation of pastelike oil paints "0" have between the second and third groups.

The Fourth group - digital (consists of 1-3 figures) and directly follows number of the third group; generally it designates a material serial number. .

For oil paints instead of a serial number in the fourth group of signs the figure designating the name of drying oil on which the paint is made is put: 1 - drying oil natural, 2 - oksol, 3 - drying oil gliftalevaja, 4 - drying oil pentaftalevaja, 5 - drying oil combined.

It is supposed to add after a serial number an alphabetic index (1-2 capital letters), characterising some features of a material. For example: gs - hot drying, hs - cold drying, m - matte, pm - semimatte etc. .

The Fifth group of signs on a code defines colour of a material and is designated by a full word; sometimes features of a shade of a paint. Mark additional number (blue-2; yellow-4 etc.).

Examples of a designation of paint and varnish materials: Varnish БТ-783, where a varnish - a material kind, BT - its binding (a bitumen varnish), 7 - a scope (zharoustojchiv), 83 - a serial number. Enamel ХВ-113 blue, where enamel - a material kind, HV - its binding (perhlorvinil), 1 - a scope (for external works), 13 - a serial number, blue - colour. .

Paint МА-025 green, where MA - a paint oil, 0 - gustotertaja, 2 - for internal works, 5 - the drying oil name (smeshanaja), green - colour. Soil ГФ-020 red-brown, where GF - gliftalevaja, 0 - a first coat, 20 - a serial number, red-brown - colour of a first coat. Paint Э-ВА-27А white - a paint vodoemulsionnaja, polivinilatsetatnaja, for internal works.

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