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the Materials necessary for repair
And an order of works

Before to start repair, it is necessary to solve, in what volume and what materials it is planned to cover a surface of premises, to measure them and to calculate quantity of necessary materials on 1 m 2 . .

It is roughly possible to accept:

  1. the Expense on colouring oil, enamel and lateksnoj paints - 200-250 .

  2. 10 kg shpaklevki are required for a covering of 20 m 2 to the plastered surface or 60-80 m 2 to a floor surface. Thus the cheapest is usual glutinous shpaklevka, for preparation of 10 l (one bucket) shpaklevki 10 kg of a chalk, 800 g glue, 300-400 g oksolja and 60 g a laundry soap are required. .

the Order of works . After the termination of preliminary works in a repaired premise first of all bleach or paint ceilings. Then colouring of walls, furnaces, windows, doors follows. After that walls paste over with wall-paper and paint a floor. The broken windowpanes insert before colouring of windows. .

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