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Organic glues

Animal (bone) glue (as in tiles, and jellylike weight) apply to manufacturing of glutinous paints and glutinous shpaklevki, for delay of hardening of plaster, for cardboard and fabric pasting. Tiled glue is necessary for crushing preliminary and before dissolution (kipjacheniem) to put for days in cold water (on 1 part of glue of 2,5 parts of water). Formed glutinous studen dilute with hot water, preliminary having added waters to 1,5 parts of weight. In avoidance podgoranija glue use pans with double walls ("ърё=Ё¦ы  in ърё=Ё¦ы¦"). The jellylike weight of glue starts to thaw at 40 °. Heat up it to 70 °. At a parity of glue and water 1: 4 receive 20% th glutinous solution which use for addition to paints and shpaklevkam. .

The Glutinous solution decays in 3-5 days. The same occurs and to the finishing materials prepared on its basis. Mezdrovyj and bone glues not vlagoustojchivy. Kazeinovyj or cold glue is used in structures of paints or shpaklevok for pasting of lumpy and rolled materials of an organic origin (a fabric, a cardboard, wood-fiber plates). Kazeinovyj glue dissolve in cold water in a weight parity: 1 part of a powder on 1,8-2,3 parts of water (depending on demanded density of a glutinous solution). It is desirable to add 1/20 part of 25% of th liquid ammonia. .

Kazeinovyj a powder is dissolved completely within 1,5 hours. In the beginning stir within approximately 20 minutes. In this time the glutinous powder will absorb in itself water, the mix will thicken and at stirring semifirm not incorporating particles are formed. Then the mix becomes a little more liquid and within 1-1,5 hours will turn to homogeneous weight. Kazeinovyj glue cannot be warmed up, including for dissolution acceleration. Kazeinovym glue it is possible to glue only after 1 hour from the mixing beginning, and for preparation of paints shpaklevok it is suitable only later 2 hours. Ready glue is necessary for using within 5 hours. Glue vlagoustojchiv and for 3 hours dries up. .

Kipjachenie of paste . The best paste is received from rye peklevannoj by torments, is slightly weaker from wheat flour. The weakest - starched paste.

For reception of paste from a rye flour it presoak in warmish water before formation kashitsy. Received kashitsu quickly pour in in boiling water (or on the contrary). For reception of 5 litres of paste it is required 0,8-1 kg of a flour. .

For reception of paste from wheat flour mix 0,8 kg of a flour with 4 litres of cold water and cook on weak fire of 20 minutes. In the end of cooking to all farinaceous food kleisteram add 1/10 part of warmish water. Thereof paste remains half-baked and does not appear through wall-paper. If in paste there were lumps, it needs to be passed through a funnel with an aperture of 2 mm or through a press for fruit.

For reception of starched paste 1 glass of starch plant in 1 glass of cold water. The formed mix pour out a thin stream in 2 litres of boiling water, intensively stirring slowly. .

The Mixed and combined glues. For increase in glutinosity of starched paste to it it is possible to add mezdrovyj, bone or kazeinovyj glue. Kazeinovyj and bone glues it is impossible to mix. As a rule, in the combined glues animal and vegetative glues do not mix with the synthetic. Depending on degree of density the mix kazeinovogo glue and portlandtsementa is applied as glue or as shpaklevka. KMTS and latex belongs to structures of the glues combined in various parities. Glue "…ѕё=шыр=" available in a trading network is a combination of the mentioned glues. They can paste both organic, and synthetic coverings.

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