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Osteklenie of windows

it is necessary to replace the Broken windowpane even before colouring of window covers. It is necessary to remove and replace exfoliating putty also. Folds subject to putty are grounded by drying oil. It is possible to cover only after definitive drying of drying oil. From folds, not ogruntovannyh drying oil, putty easily exfoliates. .

Window putty . Ready putty for windows is available on sale in shops of the chemical goods. Window putty, or so-called. Glass putty, it is possible to prepare most of drying oil and a chalk. For this purpose on the plywood or tin basis the handful of a dry chalk (fig. 42 is filled. .

a Fig. 38. Osteklenie windows: and - diamond steklorez, - roller steklorez; in - a chisel for putty drawing; g - putty preparation; d - gluing has flown down putty; e - glass fastening shtapikom; - forms shtapikov.

a Fig. 38. Osteklenie windows :
And - diamond steklorez, - roller steklorez; in - a chisel for putty drawing; g - putty preparation; d - gluing has flown down putty; e - glass fastening shtapikom; - forms shtapikov.

The windowpane of 2,5-3 mm which can to allow be cut out on the sizes of covers in glass shop or in a consumer services workshop Usually undertakes in the thickness. If is available steklorez (fig. 38, and and, it is possible to cut out glass on a place. The sizes of glass should be on 2-3 mm of less sizes of a fold. At rezke glass is located on a frame and is cut out directly on a fold edge. The cut should be begun and finished on distance of several millimetres from glass edge. At rezke it is not recommended to press too strongly on steklorez. A cut do by one uniform movement.

To cut glass roller steklorezom (fig. 38 much easier and easier. This steklorez does on glass deep enough and wide rez. .

The Universal tool for osteklenija is the special chisel (fig. 38, or an ordinary joiner's chisel in width 4 see the Chisel delete old putty, put on a fold a layer podmazki and putty, and also hammer in hairpins.

Cleaned and ogruntovannuju a fold surface at first cover liquid shpaklevochnoj, so-called. podstekolnoj putty (fig. 38, d and on which glass in regular intervals nestles. Then drying oil and a chalk mix a stick before reception of the dense test. This dough roll in a cretaceous powder and knead hands before reception of sufficient hardness and then beat off a hammer.

Some house painters for simplification of work add to putty of a few water, and for drying acceleration - a little an oil varnish. However, it is necessary to know that water addition essentially reduces quality of putty. The more chilly swept, the better putty. The varnish additive does putty firm and fragile and it bursts in due course. .

Osteklenie . The broken glass leaves, folds are carefully cleared of old putty and hairpins and grounded by drying oil.

fig. 39

a Fig. 39. Fastening of glasses to a metal frame by means of special wedges from zinced sheet iron.

The Layer podstekolnoj putties creates the equal and smooth basis for glass and interferes with blowing off between glass and a fold.

Wire hairpins are hammered Into fold edges in the thickness of 1 mm and length 15 mm (distance between hairpins to 25 sm). From each party of cover it is necessary to hammer not less than two hairpins. After that folds become covered by putty (fig. 38, or special shtapikom (fig. 38, e and). .

At puttying folds are filled with the putty which top surface is levelled at once by a chisel. For simplification of puttying it is desirable to lower from time to time a chisel in pure water. As good window putty demands some natural drying oil, it is possible to replace it wooden shtapikami (fig. 38, e. At installation shtapika its bottom party cover with a thin liquid layer podmazki and attach to cover by nails in length of 20 mm or screws (average distance of 15 sm). For simplification of colouring of windows it is recommended shtapiki to paint preliminary.

In metal frames (in greenhouses etc.) glasses fasten by means of wedges from the zinced tin.