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Otpotevanija of windows it is possible to avoid, if between frames to place any hygroscopic substance, for example, the concentrated sulfuric acid which put in a glass between frames. Thus to pour more than third of glass it is not recommended, as owing to absorbirovanija a moisture the glass is soon filled. Usually on each window two glasses are put. .

To Dry air between frames it is possible also by means of a powder of the waterless chloride calcium absorbing a moisture. The powder crystallises at heating. Chloride calcium fill in a glass to half.

If glasses moisten and freeze in the winter it means that we deal with badly aired premise. Otpotevaniju windows too water-proof external walls promote. In that case it is necessary to air premises well. Otherwise to get rid from zapotevanija windows it is impossible. .

Prevention of formation of resinous soot . The reason of formation of resinous soot is the wrong fire chamber of furnaces and plates, use of crude fire wood, bad draught and a wrong design of oven devices and a pipe.

Resinous soot arises basically as a result of incomplete combustion of fuel that is a consequence of an insufficient air flow in a fire chamber. At incomplete combustion the considerable part of fuel gets to a flue in the form of the semiburnt down pitch and the soot containing steam, hydrogen, acetic acid, etc. At contact with cold surfaces of walls of a flue these substances cool down, are condensed and settle on flue walls. So the liquid with an unpleasant smell is formed brown colour, so-called resinous soot which is absorbed in stones of flues and pipes and in process of accumulation flows down on walls, getting through them into premises and forming on walls dirty brown stains.

Walls of flues and the pipes impregnated with water and distiljantami, easily collapse, especially in those places where they heat alternately up and cooled.

With a view of prevention of occurrence of resinous soot it is necessary to heat furnaces at more open dverke and a latch so that in a fire chamber there was a good draught and to it got more air. Especially it is necessary to observe such mode at a fire chamber of plates. The plate with a guard always should be heated at almost completely open latch and each time before the fire chamber beginning to clear a lattice of the remained ashes and other dust. Flues should be cleaned during the heating period not less, than time in two months. The chimney sweep should clean flues of old furnaces. At a fire chamber strong draught should be created. .

In many respects occurrence of resinous soot is promoted by crude fuel. Therefore its drying should give a great attention.

Occurrence of resinous soot is promoted often by too long cold part of a pipe, more often around an attic. In houses with high roofs the length of this part of a pipe reaches 7-8 metres and more. In such pipes the temperature of departing gases usually decreases in the winter, therefore on pipe walls settles a pitch. To improve position it is possible partial warming of a pipe. For this purpose it is necessary to revet a garret part of a pipe with a brick on an edge. In such pipe at a correct fire chamber the pitch is not formed.

If brown stains of resinous soot appear in premises on a surface of the plastered pipe, they are necessary for removing. The ordinary paint does not cover these stains, as at connection with resinous soot it is dissolved.

From the places polluted by soot it is necessary to remove plaster and the basis to cover with a bitumen layer. Then on these places the wire grid and a surface is attached by means of the nails hammered into seams plastered. Through the plaster isolated thus resinous soot gets hardly.

The Well-tried remedy is also isolation by glass. From the place covered with stains plaster leaves and the thin layer of a cement mortal pastes glass strips. For the best shvatyvanija a solution it is desirable to make glass from both parties matte. After that the surface established to the place of glass becomes covered by a cement mortal.

For removal of stains from a plaster surface satisfactory results can be received, having covered stains two-three times spirit (shellakovym) with a varnish. For this purpose it is possible to use nitroenamel, synthetic enamels or synthetic glues. .

roof Repair . The durability of a structure depends On a roof condition. If the roof is perfectly in order, the building will serve decades and even centuries. If the roof passes water in some years ceiling beams, rafters, logs of walls,

start to decay

If the roof all not as it should be also has partially rotted through, it needs to be updated. It is necessary to replace rotted through and damaged details new. If rafters from dampness have partially rotted through, it is necessary to beat between them for strengthening bruski in the thickness 4-5 see .

Rural structures become covered by a shingle or tyosom more often. At repair of roofs with dranochnym a covering round holes the rotten shingle cautiously leaves. If a number round an aperture has partially decayed, near to it is put new brusok which ends should lean against rafters. Then to the place of an aperture a number behind a number a new shingle is beaten. Small holes usually outside are not visible. Therefore one person should rise on an attic and show being on a roof the found out holes with the help sewed or other similar subject. Roofs from tesa or gonta similarly are under repair.

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