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For giving it is desirable for building of an elegant kind to cover a roof from tesa, shingles or gonta after repair by a red Swedish paint. It considerably raises durability of such roofs, and also protects a roof from ignition because of sparks casually falling from a pipe. The fad and roof end faces cover with boards and paint with a dark oil paint. .

Flat slate plates very fragile also can by itself break. Replacement of one plate is almost impossible. Therefore it is necessary to avoid circulation on such roof. For cleaning of a pipe and care it it is necessary to establish on a roof a ladder or a board with steps.

In case the plate has burst, it is necessary to bring under it accordingly cut out sheet of the zinced tin. After that rain water will get on the bottom plates, but not on an attic. .

Wavy slate is much stronger, but also in it there can be cracks. Usually long cracks appear near to edges of the next plates. In the majority of cases of a crack are formed in the middle of a plate and extend to its bottom edge. Here again the tin which is bent wavy in a place is applied to prevention of hit of water on an attic and is located under a plate with a crack so that the bottom edge of a strip of a tin reached a plate bottom edge. .

The Roof from slate not vetroustojchiva. In snow winters a lot of snow is put on an attic. On an attic incorrectly established plates especially promote snow penetration. For prevention of it of a crack between plates are hammered both with garret, and from lateral aspect a tow. For zadelki wide cracks use also a moss.

Repair of tile roofs . Damage of the one and only tile can become the reason of fast rotting of garret overlapping. Therefore it is necessary to replace the broken tile at once. Usually in order to avoid snow hit on a crack attic between a tile close up a solution, but it complicates replacement of the broken tile. It is necessary cautiously and to break the broken tile completely. Instead of it from the bottom party of a roof the new tile is established so that the supporting ledge remained behind a number of beams. If installation of a tile from the interior of a roof is impossible (for example, because of a number of boards or around eaves), it is necessary to establish a new tile outside. In this case at a new tile ledges leave, its edges become covered by a solution and the tile is established into place. .

If there is no tile of a corresponding configuration or the size or in it there are imperceptible cracks, it is necessary to bring sheet of the zinced tin under this place so that its bottom edge was up to standard of a tile bottom edge.

It is necessary to cover with Roofing felt or roofing material flat roofs. According to instructions roofing felt it is necessary to cover roofs with a bias to 1:4 or 25%. For example, the fad of a building in width of 8 metres with dvuskatnoj a roof should be above edge of a slope no more than on 1 metre. On abrupt roofs bitumen and pitch are unstable also in the summer in hot weather start to flow. Repair of too abrupt roofs covered with roofing felt, usually does not give good results. .

If in tolevoj to a roof there were separate small apertures or ruptures, on these places bitumen mastic pastes strips of a cotton or linen fabric. Then it is necessary to cover all roof with a layer of warm mastic which in turn to cover with a sand layer. It is desirable to cover after patch imposing all roof with a roofing material layer, and roofing material needs to be pasted warm mastic.

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