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Fastening of crutches in stone walls . For fastening to stone walls of wall cases, nastenyh hours, eaves, heavy pictures, mirrors, etc. it is necessary to drill in them apertures in which to insert crutches. Apertures make the way a steel drill for a stone which end is ground stameskoobrazno (fig. 51. For aperture punching it is possible to take advantage also of a chisel. At aperture punching beat a hammer on a drill, simultaneously turning it. It is desirable to use a drill with a head in diameter of 12-16 mm. In a brick wall it is possible to drill apertures a spiral drill or rotation. It is the most convenient to drill apertures an electrodrill with tverdosplavnym the cutting tool. .

For fastening of easy subjects depth of an aperture can be 5-6 see In an aperture hammer in stoppers from a strong dry tree. Crutches are hammered into stoppers (fig. 51, on which subjects are hung up. On sale there are also plastic djubeli in the length 50 mm which are hammered into apertures in diameter of 7,5 mm. In djubeli screws, krepjashchie hooks or hangers are screwed in. .

a Fig. 51. Fastening of crutches in stone walls: and - buravy, - an attachment of crutches by means of a stopper, in - an attachment of crutches plaster.

a Fig. 51. Fastening of crutches in stone walls:
And - buravy, - an attachment of crutches by means of a stopper, in - an attachment of crutches plaster.

At fastening to stone walls of heavy bookcases and other heavy subjects of an aperture for crutches are filled with plaster (fig. 51. Depth of an aperture and length of a back part of a crutch should be in this case not less than 10 sm, and diameter of a crutch not less than 6 see .

Before filling of an aperture with plaster it is necessary for wetting water. For this purpose the fine fabric or a gauze is reeled up on a head of a 15-centimetric nail. The received tampon moistens aperture walls.

After that the plaster powder mixes up with water in kasheobraznuju weight with which the prepared aperture is filled. When it is filled by plaster, the crutch is inserted into it, and poverhnosot round an aperture smoothes out. Approximately in two-three hours it is possible to hang up a subject on a crutch. .

screw Fastening in a stone wall . In a stone wall to be drilled the aperture. The wire is reeled up on a screw carving. Then the aperture in a wall is filled with plaster and the screw is inserted into it with a wire. After plaster will harden, the screw can be unscrewed from a wall and again to screw in. To screw in or unscrew screws it is possible as well in plastic djubeli and wooden stoppers. .

the Prevention otpotevanija windowpanes . Room air is always more damp, than colder external air. Air moisture always moves from the warm environment to colder, that is from a room outside. If cracks of internal window frames are not condensed, room air gets between frames, the moisture is condensed on cold glass and freezes.

In avoidance otpotevanija and freezing of glasses is better to condense cracks and to stick with a paper tape. The best tool here is steel shpatel in the width 5 see At its absence it is possible to use a usual table knife.

Cracks of external frames in no event cannot be condensed, as damp air which has got between frames cannot come to light.

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