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Colouring of furnaces and guards

correctly combined furnace gives about half of heat to a premise radiation. The quantity of radiated heat appreciably depends on a material by which the furnace surface is finished. The rough surface radiates more than heat, than smooth. That enamel and oil paints also well radiate heat is surprising, and that more than the paint is more dark. Unexpectedly radiate warmly brilliant metal surfaces is worse. Therefore furnaces with metal cases cannot be painted with an aluminium paint. .

Colouring of the furnace with a metal case . The furnace combined with correct thickness of walls of the center, at a normal fire chamber heats up to 80 °. Such temperature all synthetic paints (pentaftalevye maintain, nitropaints, etc.). The oil paints made of natural drying oils, can darken in the hottest places of the furnace (an external door of the center, a back wall). Special heat resisting oven paints - all black colour. A production association "ИыюЁр" lets out a black heat resisting enamel paint and bitumen varnish БТ-242. From the point of view of an interior at furnace colouring it is desirable to use light tone. For example, for creation of the general colour background in a room, with a metal case can cover the furnace the same lateksnoj with a paint by which walls are painted; it is necessary to take a first coat rough. The furnaces earlier covered with an aluminium paint, it is necessary to paint an enamel paint. .

Colouring of furnaces and the heating guards revetted with simple (red) tiles. At a choice of a way of colouring of the furnace revetted with simple tiles, it is necessary to consider that because of periodic heating and cooling a furnace surface it is constant "шуЁрх=". It is especially appreciable at narrowing and expansion of intertile cutting owing to what tile furnaces to paint without cracks it is impossible. After the first fire chamber on a furnace surface "ю=яхёр=рх=ё " a cutting pattern. Considering it, now surfaces of tile furnaces, as a rule, cover with pure transparent furnish in which intertile cutting are not hidden.

For transparent furnish of furnaces there are some ways:

  1. If on a furnace surface there are hollows, dents, they are filled shpaklevkoj which get mixed up from lateksnoj a paint and a brick flour. For preparation oven obmazki mix about 0,5 kg received at polishing of pots of a brick powder with 10 shaken up egg whites and add so much milk that the dense colourful mix has turned out. It put on hardly warm surface of the furnace a brush or the platen. The received equal red layer is steady against heat and istiraniju.

  2. it is possible to cover the Qualitative surface of tiles also with fresh milk - then is dim-red colour will remain. .

  3. Dark red and matte colour is reached at a disposable covering of a surface of the furnace oksolem.

  4. the Double covering of the hot furnace oksolem or an oil varnish reaches a dark red brilliant surface. For a covering it is possible to use and synthetic varnishes.

If for any reasons all the same it is necessary to paint the furnace or a guard other colour the most suitable is lateksnaja the paint. A surface lateksnoj paints dense enough and at colouring by the platen slightly rough owing to what the surface of tiles does not require in full shpaklevanii. Considerable hollows shpakljujut the same lateksnoj a paint, adding to it a chalk. Dried up lateksnaja the paint keeps partial elasticity. Therefore at a covering it between tiles will be less cracks, than at other structure of paints.

Earlier tile furnaces painted a glutinous paint which prepared from a mix of starched paste, a chalk and dye. .

At colouring by oil and enamel paints a surface of tiles it is necessary preliminary ogruntovat oksolem, and hollows to putty lateksnoj shpaklevkoj. It is possible to putty also oil or varnish shpaklevkoj in which structure there is no glue.

In spite of the fact that oil paints teploprovodny, happens that after a covering an oil paint the furnace gives much less heat. .

Recently old, repeatedly shpaklevannye and the painted tile furnaces, a paint on which continues to burst, start to clear of an old paint. It do by means of softening pastes (Colouring of surfaces not water ъЁрёърьш" see ";). The cleared surfaces of the furnace cover with transparent furnish. Furnaces from a red brick cover with transparent furnish to similarly described furnish of furnaces with tile facing.

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