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Colouring kazeinovymi paints

At colouring of the plastered and wooden surfaces as on internal, and external works are applied kazeinovye paints. Kazeinovye paints are issued in the form of ready dry inks to which on a work place are added water, drying oil and alum. Kazeinovye paints can be made also from kazeinovogo glue, shchelochestojkogo a pigment, a chalk, drying oil, alum and water. .

surface Preparation . A surface intended for a covering kazeinovymi by paints, it is necessary to prepare preliminary carefully. Cracks and hollows in plaster (diameter to 5 sm and depth to 1 sm) are corrected kazeinovoj shpaklevkoj.

Kazeinovaja shpaklevka :
  • White dry kazeinovaja a paint - 1 kg
  • the Ground chalk - 600 g
  • Drying oil - 30 g
  • Water - 0,6 l.

    the Way of preparation . The kazeinovaja paint is dissolved in water, then at fast stirring drying oil, and after - a chalk, before reception masloobraznoj consistences is added.
  • For correction of surfaces it is possible to prepare Putty as follows: in water litre it is dissolved 300 g a powder kazeinovogo glue (within 1,5 hours), in the received glue mixes up 30 g drying oils and 10 g alum. After that the ground chalk to necessary working viscosity is added. .

    Ogruntovka . Cleared and absolutely dry surface becomes covered by a first coat on kazeinovom glue.

    the First coat on kazeinovom glue:
  • Dry kazeinovyj glue - 1 kg
  • the Chalk - 6 kg
  • Drying oil - 300 g
  • Alum - 50 g
  • Water - to volume of 10 litres

    the Way of preparation . In five litres of water the powder kazeinovogo glue together with a chalk is dissolved. During dissolution the mix gets denser also it it is necessary to mix within 1,5-2 hours. After that drying oil, then the remained quantity of water is added. The solution of alum which is cautiously added to a mix when it starts to get denser separately prepares. The additive of superfluous quantity of alum can spoil a first coat. .
  • Colouring of surfaces . Ogruntovannaja the dry surface becomes covered kazeinovymi by the paints prepared usually from dry kazeinovoj of a paint.

    Dry kazeinovaja a paint:
  • Dry kazeinovaja a paint - 10 kg
  • Drying oil - 300 g
  • Alum - 80 g
  • Water - to volume of 10 litres

    the Way of preparation . Dry kazeinovaja the paint mixes up within approximately one hour with warm water before dissolution of the glue containing in a dry ink, and formation liquid kasheobraznoj weights. To the dissolved paint it is added at first 300 g drying oils, and then 80 g alum. .
  • Kazeinovuju can prepare a paint on a place from kazeinovogo glue and pigments:

    Kazeinovaja a glutinous paint
  • Kazeinovyj glue - 1 kg
  • Drying oil - 300 g
  • the Chalk - 8 kg
  • ShChelochestojkie pigments - 300 g
  • Alum - 80 g
  • Water - 10 l.
  • the Way of preparation . poroshkoobraznyj kazeinovyj glue is dissolved in water (approximately during a half an hour) in the quantity necessary for reception of 10%-s' solutions to which drying oil, and then a chalk and the pigments moistened with water is added. After that 10%-s' solution of alum to a structure condensation is added. .

    Kazeinovye of a paint are put on a surface by a brush or maklovitsej. It is possible to apply To colouring also the painting platen or kraskopult.

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