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Colouring by silicate paints

Silicate paints are applied basically at colouring of facades, and also at internal furnish and repair of premises, i.e. To colouring of kitchens, corridors, vestibules, cellars, etc. .

The Put silicate paint has good water resistance. It is possible to cover with silicate paints neogrounded plastered, stone, brick, glass, ceramic, silikatobetonnye, etc. surfaces, and in certain cases - nestroganuju wood. The plastered surfaces covered with earlier other paints, it is necessary to clear of an old paint and carefully to wipe plaster. After that a surface ogruntovyvaetsja a silicate first coat. After elimination of the top exfoliating part it is necessary to spend also ogruntovku an old dusty laying and stone surfaces. The silicate first coat prepares from liquid glass and water (1:3). The first coat should dry not less than 12 hours. .

For reception of a smooth paint coat it is necessary a surface preliminary oshpaklevat putty from liquid glass. At preparation of putty for potash liquid glass add a few pigment (for colour reception) and a chalk for reception of necessary working viscosity. To a dry pigment of silicate paints it is possible to add also liquid glass in quantity which gives shpaklevochnoj to putty a necessary working consistence. As such putty quickly hardens, it is necessary for using immediately. .

After oshpaklevanija and oshlifovki the silicate paint is put to a surface by the same working receptions by what other water structures are put. The ready dry mixes of pigments which are let out by factories are usually applied.

the Silicate paint from a ready dry mix :
  • Potash liquid glass with relative density 1,15 - 50-60%
  • Dry pigmentary mixes - 50-40%
    Water before reception of a paint of a demanded consistence
  • the Silicate paint (rough structure):
  • Potash liquid glass with relative density 1,15 - 60%
  • Talc - 8%
  • Zinc whitewash (a white pigment) - 7%
  • the Chalk - 5%
  • Pigments - 5%
    Water to requirement.
  • the Way of preparation . To potash liquid glass pigments and napolniteli or ready mixes of dry pigments which mix before reception of a homogeneous paint with a consistence necessary for painting works are added. Too dense paint dilute with cold water. .

    As the period of storage of a silicate paint is short, it is necessary to put quickly whenever possible it on a surface by means of a brush, kraskopulta or the platen. .

    Applied pigments should be shchelochestojkimi. Ware for mixing, brushes etc. It is necessary to wash up immediately after application as the silicate paint promotes corrosion formation.

    The Silicate paint keeps on a facade about 25 years, i.e. On the average five times longer, than other structures.

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