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Colouring of surfaces by glutinous paints

After drying oksolja or first coats (usually next day) it is possible to paint a surface. The cheapest paint - kleevomelovaja.

    the Kleevo-cretaceous paint:
  • Cretaceous paste (ground) - 5-6 kg,
  • Glue (mezdrovyj, bone, KMTS) - 150 g,
  • Water - 8 l.
  • the Color pigment on the chosen shade.

paint Preparation . Preliminary glue dissolve in 2 l of water. Cretaceous paste mix about 6 l of water, then gradually add a glue solution. In a considerable quantity natural glue forms on a surface of a paint of a stain with marble drawing. Therefore during mixing it is necessary to put a trial paint on a folder slice and to dry up in a warm place. Also test a paint for durability istiranija. .

In a white paint for a ceiling of colour pigments do not add. For giving of shades to a glutinous paint in most cases add gouache-paste. Colour turns out more purely, than at addition of a dry pigment. Dark colour of natural glue does not allow to receive pure, light tones. For reception of a light paint in natural glue add to 60% of flour paste. Gluing properties of the received mixed glue it is less and the proper correlation of components should be defined by selection. .

The Original decorative shade gives to a glutinous paint wax addition. For this purpose 50 g wax dilute in 100 g hot water and add 100 g 25%-s' solutions of liquid ammonia. Received emulsiju dissolve, in turn, in 5л waters. This 5%-s' foamy emulsiju add in a glutinous paint from calculation 1/10 part emulsii from volume of a glutinous solution. .

It is possible to paint with Ten litres of a glutinous paint about 25 m 2 surfaces. Colouring of ceilings only a chalk is inadmissible (a surface will be dusty). For a covering of a surface a glutinous paint use round brushes, painting brushes, platens for paints, razbryzgivateljami or sprays from vacuum cleaners. Is better to paint razbryzgivatelem for paints. Razbryzgivatelem or a spray a surface cover twice. At colouring by a brush or the platen in two layers the bottom paint coat can "яю=хёі" having spoilt all surface. A glutinous paint not a water rack and consequently the surfaces painted by her, do not wash. The dairy-cretaceous paint is washing. .

    the Dairy-cretaceous paint:
  • cretaceous paste of 6 kg
  • fresh milk to 8 l.

Components of a dairy-cretaceous paint simply mix. It is impossible to add glue (glue here casein containing in milk) is. Glutinosity of a paint is better, than at glutinous paints. For painting use razbryzgivatelem. A dairy-cretaceous paint without a colour pigment use for whitewashing of ceilings more often. That especially white ceiling has turned out, to the structure resulted above it is possible to add to a teaspoon of a linen blue. .

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