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Colouring of surfaces lateksnymi paints

Lateksnaja a paint - the most widespread vodoemulsionnaja a paint. It well sticks to all materials and gives a semimatte washing surface. Put a paint on a surface basically the platen, and it practically from the platen does not flow down. .

To paint razbryzgivatelem, lateksnuju it is necessary to dilute a paint with water. Various shades lateksnym give to paints, adding in them gouache-paste. It is possible to paint with latex damp walls (on short dried up shpaklevke). Lateksnye paints cannot be applied to colouring of premises with the constant raised humidity, but for a bathroom moisture resistance of a paint is sufficient. .

For a full covering of a surface enough one layer of a first coat (with small addition of water) and one paint coat. Drying of one layer lasts 2-3 hours, thanks to it for a full covering of a surface one day is required. .

Latex EVA possesses slightly sourish smell which disappears after paint drying. Latex E-KCH o6ладает a strong smell which usually disappears in a month. Both latex is nontoxical. .

Glutinous and lateksnymi it is possible to paint with paints old wall-paper. Thus they should adjoin to a wall (the pattern of wall-paper has no value) densely. Strongly polluted wall-paper before a covering a glutinous paint it is necessary preliminary ogruntovat oksolem. Under lateksnuju a paint of a special first coat it is not required. For colouring of wall-paper it is necessary approximately in 3 times of less time, than for a label of new wall-paper. .

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