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Colouring of surfaces
Limy paints (a part 2)

Colouring of surfaces . After first coat drying the limy paint is put on a surface.

    the Limy paint:
  • the Limy dough - 2,5 kg,
  • Drying oil - 100-200 g,
  • the Pigment - 200-300 g,
  • Water - to volume of 10 litres

The Way of preparation. To the limy test at careful hashing drying oil is added, then the pigment dissolved in water and water are poured. .

To limy pobelochnoj to a paint a pigment do not add.

As a limy paint it is possible to apply also first coats on table salt or alum, having added to them 300 g shchelochestojkih pigments.

At furnish of dry premises for reception neotmelivajushchihsja paints it is necessary to add to painting structures a few flour or starched paste or the removed milk (the last is not recommended to be added more than one litre on a bucket of a limy paint). .

It is necessary to remind once again that at preparation of limy paints it is possible to apply only shchelochestojkie pigments: ohru (yellow), iron minium (brownish-red), graphite (dark grey), glaukonit (green), manganese peroxide (black), zhzhenuju ohru (oranzhevato-red), ultramarines (dark blue), okis chrome (green), gas soot (black), etc.

It is possible to put the First coat and a limy paint on a surface maklovitsej or kraskopultom. Usually the first coat is put on a surface maklovitsej, and a paint - kraskopultom. It is possible to put a finishing layer on a surface also maklovitsej. For better quality reception it is necessary to wet slightly before colouring a dry surface. It is better to cover a surface two times thin, than once with a thick paint coat. .

At colouring (and also ogruntovke) limy structures of a paint are put on a surface by brush movement in two directions, perpendicular one to another. The paint is put on walls at first horizontal and after vertical movements of a brush, and on a ceiling - at first cross-section, and then parallel with a direction of an incident light movements. In avoidance kapanja paints, before its drawing on a surface the superfluous paint leaves from a brush or maklovitsy by means of easy pressing an internal wall of a vessel with a paint. At whitewashing of a ceiling the paint drips basically while maklovitsu take out from a bucket, trying to put it on a surface quickly. In order to avoid it it is necessary to shake easily and sharply for removal of a superfluous paint maklovitsu over a bucket, stopping thus for some seconds an exit of a paint from maklovitsy. .

It is recommended to finish the Rough plastered surface to a covering with limy paints izvestkovo-plaster shpaklevkoj.

Colouring of facades by a limy paint . To similarly colouring of internal surfaces, the building facade becomes covered by a limy paint also, and for ogruntovki it is necessary to apply a first coat on table salt or kvastsovuju a first coat, and to colouring - limy structures.

At colouring of facades to cheap limy paints it is added iron kuporos. In a flank the necessary quantity of limy milk is poured (for colouring of one wall or all building), in other vessel in five litres of water is dissolved 250 g iron kuporosa. The received greenish solution mixes up with limy milk. After that the mix is put for test on the plastered surface. The greenish colour received in the beginning after drying turns in gentle - cream. .

If iron kuporosa it is added too much, yellow, brown or dark brown colour turns out. On colouring of 100 m 2 it is required to a wall surface about 1 kg iron kuporosa.

At work with their limy paints it is necessary to mix periodically.

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