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Colouring of surfaces by limy paints

Limy paints are applied basically at colouring of the plastered facades. On internal works limy paints are applied at furnish of basement walls and ceilings, and also other crude premises.

If a surface earlier painted by glutinous structures, it is necessary to cover with a limy paint, it is necessary to remove completely an old chalk from a surface as it can cause later constant otsloenie limy paints from one or other place (izvest it is not linked to a surface covered with glutinous structures). Cretaceous whitewashing badly washed off from a ceiling can izvestju serve in case of whitewashing as the occurrence reason on a ceiling of yellowish stains. .

To limy pobelochnym paints cannot add a chalk. Though the chalk gives more white surface, but at the further painting arises same otsloenie paints, as well as at a covering of glutinous structures izvestju.

Preparation of surfaces . The old surfaces covered with a limy paint, oskablivajutsja metal shpatelem for removal of an exfoliating paint. If on a surface owing to repeated colouring very thick paint coat was formed, it should be scratched out completely. Cracks on a plaster surface extend edge shpatelja or a knife and are moistened with water. .

Podmazka for a limy paint prepares from the limy test and small sand in the ratio 1:2 (on volume) to which for acceleration tverdenija it is possible to add about 10% of plaster from volume of the limy test. On external works plaster is replaced with cement.

Cracks in plaster shpakljujutsja shpatelem then the corrected place is smoothed down at once damp maklovitsej. A surface cleared of the exfoliating paint and corrected podmazkoj, ogruntovyvaetsja a first coat on table salt and alum.

    the First coat on table salt:
  • the Limy dough - 2,5-3 kg,
  • Table salt - 50-100 g,
  • Water - to volume of 10 litres.
    the First coat on alum:
  • the Limy dough - 2,5-3 kg,
  • Alum - 200 g,
  • Water - to volume of 10 litres.

The Way of preparation. The limy dough mixes up with 5 litres of water. In a separate vessel in hot water dissolve table salt or alum and add to limy milk. Too dense first coat dilute with water.

The First coat on table salt is often applied for ogruntovki dry, before the painted surfaces. Salt is added to a mix because of its hygroscopicity. It interferes with fast drying of a paint, raising thus stability to exhaust against otmelivanija. .

On crude surfaces the first coat on table salt dries up slowly and gives a spotty surface. The first coat on alum is in that case more suitable.

The Additive of alum to limy milk raises durability of a first coat and reduces water absorptivity of a surface, facilitating uniform drawing of the subsequent paint coats. It is especially important at manual colouring. For ogruntovki surfaces under limy paints it is possible to apply also a ground-mylovar. .

For reception of equal colour at furnish by limy paints it is recommended to add to priming structures the same pigments which are applied at drawing of last layer (100 200 g on 10 litres). .

At colouring of basement walls of a first coat on table salt and on alum usually are not applied. The plastered surfaces bleach or paint in two layers limy whitewashing or limy colour paints.

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