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Colouring of surfaces by not water paints

not Water paints are oil paints, enamels, synthetic paints and varnishes. If earlier oil paints were considered as unique not water paints, now the term "ьрёы эр  ъЁрёър" often use as the general name of enamel and synthetic paints. .

On a new surface shpaklevka it is put steel shpatelem (fig. 10). The layer shpaklevki should be rather thin, such that through it the tree invoice was visible. shpatelem it is necessary to do finishing touches along wood. Completely dried up shpaklevku grind the emery paper which has been wrapped up around bruska. If necessary shpakljujut also grind a surface two times. .

The Thick layer shpaklevki (which sometimes try to hide planing errors) from wooden coverings is showered eventually. SHpaklevanie cracks between boards in walls also does not give good result - in these parts again there are cracks. .