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Colouring of surfaces by the Swedish paint

the Swedish paint not so is beautiful on a surface as oil or enamel, but it is cheaper and is extremely convenient in work. By the Swedish paint of a surface become covered only once. Surfaces do not demand preliminary preparation, not including clearings of a dust, an old paint, a mould, etc. the Swedish paint protects wood from rotting and a mould, so to say, preserves a surface of wood by means of connections being in a mix (especially iron kuporosa). Recipes of the Swedish paint are very various, but the basic substances are water, salt, a rye flour, drying oil and a pigment. .

The Structure of the Swedish paint can be such (for preparation of 10 litres of a paint).

the Swedish paint :
  • a rye flour - 800 g,
  • Iron kuporos - 400 g,
  • Salt - 250 g,
  • Drying oil - 300 g (500,
  • the Pigment of 300-600

  • Water is added in a mix to volume of 10 l. For colouring of roofs on 10 litres of a mix undertakes 500 g drying oils. .

    The Swedish paint prepares usually in the big copper. In boiling water salts (iron kuporos, table salt) are dissolved. In other ware the rye flour gets divorced in water to kashitsy and pours out in a copper in which the solution of salts cooks. The received mix cooks half an hour. Then drying oil and a mix vigorously is added mixes up before formation emulsii. At last, the pigment stirred in advance in hot water before achievement of the necessary tone is added. The received mix well mixes up once again and is if necessary diluted with water to a demanded consistence. .

    For preparation of the Swedish paint it is desirable to use alkalis proof to influence ferriferous pigments - iron minium, a mummy, ohru, umbru, etc. Usually prepare the Swedish paint of red, brown or yellow tones. .

    The Swedish paint is put on a surface by a painting brush or mahovoj a brush. The mix is put in regular intervals on all surface by wide dabs and rubbed, so that wood of a time available on a surface and cracks have been filled. Thus it is necessary to watch that does not remain unpainted sites as if such sites to paint later the surface will not be equal. It is necessary to paint in cloudy windless weather; in this case the mix dries slowly and well seizes with a painted surface. .

    It is expedient to cover with the Swedish paint economic constructions, roofs from a shingle, etc.

    For furnish of residential buildings the Swedish paint is used as the cheapest at a covering of walls. For painting of windows and doors the Swedish paint is unsuitable, to it paint only nestrogannye boards.

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