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paints Applied in building (a part 2)

Enamels ХВ-124 and ХВ-125 . Are made all primary colours for a covering external wooden and ogruntovannyh metal surfaces. The paint dries within 24 hours, put on a surface a spray. Dilute with complex solvent Р-4 or Р-5. An enamel film vodo - oil - and benzinoustojchiva.

Enamel НЦ-25 . 19 colours for a covering of wooden and metal surfaces are issued. On a surface put a spray, since. Because of fast drying at colouring by a brush on a surface there are brush traces. Dilute with complex solvent 645 or 646.

Enamel НЦ-132 . Make 23 colours for a covering of external surfaces. Let out in two structures: НЦ-132К - for colouring by a brush and НЦ-132П for colouring by a spray. Term of drying till 3 o'clock. НЦ-132К dilute with solvent № 649, НЦ-132П - solvent № 646. The two-layer covering on preliminary ogruntovannoj an external surface keeps more than two years. .

Enamel, oil and alkidnye paints . Formation of a coloured film of enamel paints results from himiko-physical transformation where as binding synthetic varnishes are used. The insoluble film (the coloured film of enamels is formed owing to uletuchivanija solvent and again it is dissolved in the same solvents) is thus formed. .

Enamel ГФ-230 . Make 27 colours. Term of drying till 72 o'clock. Dilute with gasoline, turpentine or complex solvents 649, 650, СР-2.

Enamel ПФ-115 . Make 24 colours. Term of drying of red enamel - 48 hours, other colour shades - 24 hours. Dilute solventom, gasoline go turpentine.

Enamel ПФ-223 . Make 18 colours. Drying term - 36 hours. Dilute solventom, gasoline, ksilolom. .

Enamel ФЛ-254 . A paint for a floor for colouring by a brush. Dilute with gasoline or turpentine. Drying term - 48 hours. A period of storage - 1 year.

Enamel МС-226 . Colours - white and grey. Term of drying till three o'clock. Dilute ksilolom or solventom, on a surface put a spray.

Enamel ЭП-51 . 8 colours are made. Term of drying till three o'clock. On a surface put a brush or a spray, dilute with solvents 646, 648 or СР-2. .

Alkidnymi paints in technology of painting works often name the oil paints made on a basis Gf - and Pf-drying oils, and because of similarity of properties them consider in one group with usual oil paints, i.e. The paints prepared on the basis of natural drying oils. Ready paints of different colours and pastelike paints are made. Pastes for external works: МА-011 from natural drying oil, МА-015 - from the combined drying oil, ГФ-013 - from gliftalevoj drying oils, ПФ-014 - from pentaftalevoj drying oils. As thinners of oil paints use natural or alkidnye drying oils, alkidnyh paints - only alkidnye drying oils. At similar pastelike paints for internal works the second group of a designation begins number 2, i.e. МА-021, ГФ-023 etc. .

At ready paints of the same type between an index in a designation (code) is absent "0". At paints of this group the grated paint is given in marks by an index of the first word. White oil and alkidnye the paints intended for external works, prepare from zinc or white lead. Zinc whitewash can be applied and to internal works, white lead is poisonous and for application on internal works are forbidden. Oil and alkidnye the paints intended for internal works, contain in the majority litopon (a white pigment) which under the influence of the sun darkens and consequently for external colouring does not approach. Term of drying oil and alkidnyh paints at a room temperature - 24 hours.

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