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Vodoemulsionnye of a paint . For a covering of plaster, wooden, cardboard and other porous materials use vodoemulsionnye (lateksnye) paints. For a covering vodoemulsijami their metal surfaces it is necessary preliminary ogruntovat not water soil paints. Vodoemulsionnye paints approach also for a covering of the various earlier already painted surfaces without removal of an old paint. Gluing properties lateksnyh in 4 times it is better than paints, than the glutinous, made on vegetative and animal glues. Matte, it it is possible to wash a paint surface with water. Lateksnye paints put on a surface by means of the platen, a brush or a spray. For a covering lateksnye paints dilute with a brush or the platen to smetanoobraznoj consistences. Glutinosity of latex allows to put its platen purely, without smudges. In 2 hours it is possible to paint the second time. Thanks to the big covering ability lateksnoj paints, for a good covering of a surface enough one layer soil (with the big maintenance of water) and one layer of the basic, covering paint. .

Lateksnye of a paint are not toxic and are not explosive. They are issued different shades, and the basic component - white. On a workplace it is easy to receive necessary colours and shades at addition of gouache, the hulk or the dissolved paint for fabrics.

following marks vodoemulsionnyh paints Are issued:

Polivinklatsetatnye of paint Э-ВА-27, Э-ВА-27А for internal works. They possess an easy sourish smell which within 24 hours disappears. Because of an unstable smell it is the most preferable lateksnye paints. To a covering of external surfaces apply lateksnuju paint Э-ВА-17.

Stirolbutadienovye latex Э-КЧ-26; Э-КЧ-26А and Э-КЧ-112. Differ from Va-paints proof, long remaining (within many months) a smell. Therefore are not recommended for colouring of the big surfaces in premises. .

Stirolbutadienovyj and hlorvinilovyj mixed latex Э-ХВ-28. The Vodoemulsionnye paints used for external works, contain additional emulgatory, fixers and others napolniteli, increasing atmosferostojkost. It is possible to put them on a surface at temperature +8 ° and they will keep on a surface till 5 years.

For external works the industry lets out vodoemulsionnye paints of different shades: Э-АЗ-111; Э-ВА-17; Э-ВС-114; Э-КЧ-112. From them E-AK-SH Э-ВА-17 and Э-ВС-17 are cold-resistant. Э-КЧ-112 it is not recommended for a covering of wooden surfaces. Covering ability of paints - 60-230 g/m2 (dry ink), drying term at 20 °s - 1 hour. On a basis vodoemulsionnyh the paints intended for external works, it is possible to prepare paints with the various decorative invoice. .

For example, such structure:

  • white cement of mark 400 - 14%
  • Э-ВА-17 (50% a water solution) - 7%
  • white quartz sand - 64%
  • the limy dough - 14%
  • dye - 1%

By tests it is possible to change a parity of components. Maintenance E-VA can be increased, accordingly having reduced quantity of a limy solution.

Not Water paints are classified on character of formation of a colourful film. .

Enamels are the materials which drying occurs owing to letuchesti solvent.

Enamel ХВ-1100 . Make all primary colours, on a surface it is put by a spray. At 20 °s time of drying 1 hour. It is applied to a covering external wooden and preliminary ogruntovannyh metal surfaces. At a double covering the paint keeps 3 years, at a triple covering - 6 years. Dilute with complex solvent Р-4 or a mix of solvents. Structure: 26% of acetone, 62% of toluene and 12% acetate butyl. .

Enamel ХВ-785 . Is issued white, pink, yellow, grey, beige, red-brown and black colours.

Varnish ХВ-784 is a light transparent varnish. ХВ-784 and ХВ-785 are intended for a covering preliminary ogruntovannyh metal and ferro-concrete surfaces in chemically excited environment at temperature to 60 °s. Red-brown and black ХВ-785 - weatherproof varnishes and them can be applied to a covering of external surfaces, preliminary ogruntovannyh varnish ХВ-784. Dilute a varnish with complex solvent; varnishes and paints HV are toxic and explosive.

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