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Paints and materials for their preparation

the Paint consists of a pigment, i.e. The painting material binding substances and napolnitelja. Paints are applied to creation on a painted surface of an opaque or transparent decorative protective layer. Mechanical properties of paints and ways of their drawing on a surface depend on a kind of binding substances and depending on it are subdivided on: not water paints, water paints and emulsionnye paints. .

Not Water paints prepare on the basis of natural and artificial drying oil. These are oil paints on the basis of synthetic varnishes - enamels and nitropaints. Them sell ready to the use or in the form of pastes. .

Water paints are glutinous, limy, kazeinovye and silicate paints. Their most part prepare directly on a workplace. Emulsija is the ready paint made at factory in which binding is emulsija polymer and water. On its workplace dilute with water. .