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Plaster works and plaster repair (a part 2)

Preparation of a plaster solution . The solution for plaster correction prepares in usual rastvornom a box. For this purpose in a box 3-5 buckets of sand and 2-4 buckets of the liquid limy test are fallen asleep. Then sand and izvest carefully mix up a shovel. It turns out kasheobraznyj a limy solution. At plaster correction on internal wooden walls and ceilings, to this solution it is desirable to add, directly ahead of oshtukaturivaniem, it is a little plaster. For term prolongation shvatyvanija plaster it is necessary to add also a little glutinous water from calculation nearby 20 g glue on 1 kg of plaster. .

a Fig. 21 Tools for plaster works: and - the falcon, - kelma, in - a short semigrater, g a long semigrater, d - a rule, e - a grater.

a Fig. 21 Tools for plaster works:
And - the falcon, - kelma, in - a short semigrater, g a long semigrater, d - a rule, e - a grater.

For correction of plaster by which the external bricklaying of a building and internal surfaces of a socle and a cellar are covered, and also for oshtukaturivanija the mentioned surfaces it is necessary to a limy solution in rastvornom a box to add from a quarter to one third of bucket portlandtsementa. .

At great volume of works a limy solution prepare in big rastvornom a box (width 150-180 sm and in the length 200-250 sm), whence transport it in the boxes established on a workplace. A stretcher is applied to transportation of necessary materials and their dispensing. .

Tools and adaptations . For nabrasyvanija a plaster solution on a surface are applied kelma (fig. 21, and the falcon (fig. 21,), and to smoothing down - a semigrater (fig. 21, in,), a rule (fig. 21,) and a grater (fig. 21,). For hashing of a plaster solution it is necessary rastvornyj a box which contains 2-3 buckets of a solution. .

Preparation of a plastered surface . Old exfoliating plaster gets off also a surface is cleared. Old spoilt drani are replaced with the new. Floor-mats or drani are beaten only on wooden walls, or ceilings, and nails are driven in basically over bottom diagonal trostilnymi dranjami (fig. 22.

a Fig. 22. Plaster drani: and - bound drani, - the arrangement trostilnyh and days off is more torn

a Fig. 22. Plaster drani:
And - bound drani, - the arrangement trostilnyh and days off is more torn

fig. 23

a Fig. 23. Self-made drani are cut from a board edge.
Separate drani are beaten in a diagonal direction (fig. 22,).

Oshtukaturivanie . The plaster solution is put on a surface usually in two layers. At first on a surface throw a layer of a liquid solution in the form of splashes which should get into cracks between shingles and a brick time as this layer serves for creation of a connecting layer between the plastered basis and a plaster coat. The second layer (ground) is put on a surface after the first layer will a little dry up. .

Oshtukaturivanie of a surface is carried out as follows: shtukatur, holding in the left hand the falcon (fig. 23), types on it from rastvornogo a box kelmoj a solution, the falcon with a solution to the place of work bears and throws a solution kelmoj over a plastered surface.

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