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About dangers which represent
Polymeric finishing materials

Polymeric finishing materials (coverings for floors, glues, varnishes, paints, plastics, etc.) allocate under the influence of various factors long time many chemicals. The last form connections of various structure in difficult combinations which to a greater or lesser extent are poisonous. These connections get to an organism basically through respiratory ways. Thereof there can be in the beginning the imperceptible and gradually developing diseases, which initial signs (a headache, working capacity decrease, fatigue, dream frustration, drowsiness, an inflammation of mucous membranes, etc.) are similar to signs of other diseases and often remain without attention. So there are predispositions to infectious and other diseases (a flu, quinsy, a pneumonia, etc.). .

Many flying connections show the influence in the long-term future (there are embriotoksichnye, the cancerogenic, damaging sexual glands harming to health and other substances). From such connections it is necessary to name, for example, widely used in products of household chemical goods phenols and formaldehydes. These substances are allocated also with some polymers applied in building. Therefore a number from them have refused at all or their application is limited (for example, only for external works or for uninhabited premises). .

As serious studying of hygienic qualities of polymers is in an initial stage, and they are in this respect a little studied, it is possible to make now the basic recommendations to which building polymer should answer: it should not at use in premises have a steady specific smell, allocate in the dangerous sizes harmful substances, not create considerable static electric field.

The Majority of people is perceived by smells and can estimate on them air pollution degree. On a smell it is possible to distinguish flying divinily (butadieny), flying dibutilftalaty polivenil-hloridnogo the linoleum, phenols allocated with glutinous pitches and formaldehydes, etc. In general allocation of smells by building materials it is not supposed. .

Elektrizatsija of plastic coverings of floors also is hazardous to health of the person. At walking as a result of a friction electric charges which are transferred on the person, to air and in a dust gather for surfaces of artificial materials. In a greater degree elektrizujutsja also ionise air polivinilhloridnyi and rubber linoleum. Electric field created on a floor can cause deterioration of state of health, weariness, a headache, frustration of a dream, etc. .

To Check up electric properties of coverings for a floor is the most easier, if poteret a piece of such material in the size of 20-30 sm about a soft skin, rubber or a woollen fabric. If the trial piece of a covering draws small slices of a paper, a wool, etc., this material strongly elektrizuetsja. If are not drawn, elektrizatsija it is small or it is not present (gliftallinoleum, some ruviteksy, etc.). .

Are Somewhat unhealthy polyvinyl-hloridnyj linoleum, relin, latex SKS and paints PVA, varnish МЧ-26, mastic DFK, mastics КН-2 and КН-3, drevesnostruzhechnye and kostrovye plates, elektrizujushchiesja carpet coverings and others.