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Preparation of the plastered surfaces (a part 2)

On a level with oil shpaklevkami it is possible to use not oil, made of the synthetic binding:

    Lateksnaja shpaklevka:
  • 8%-s' solution of glue KMTS of 20%
  • Lateksnyj glue СКС-30 (lateksnaja paint KCH) 6%
  • 10% th solution of a laundry soap of 1%
  • Cretaceous paste of 73%
    Lateksnaja shpaklevka:
  • 50% th solution EvA-emulsii of 8%
  • 9%-s' solution KMTS of 20%
  • 10%-s' solution of a laundry soap of 10%
  • Cretaceous paste of 62%

Glino-plaster shpaklevku it is possible to apply only to furnish of the plastered surfaces. Glino-plaster shpaklevka: a solution of the crushed clay or clay milk from 2-4% of th glutinous water: 1 part of clay, 2 parts of glutinous water. .

To 1 part of clay milk add to 0,6 parts of plaster. For water resistance increase it is possible to 1 / 3 clay volume to replace with cement. The mix is necessary for using within 15 minutes. Hence it is necessary to prepare so much solution with plaster to spend it at the appointed time. Mix hardening can be slowed down addition of a glutinous solution.

Plaster under an oil paint it is possible shpaklevat structure "РЂ¤+". Though this shpaklevka is not waterproof, the covering an oil paint gives it sufficient moisture-proofness; covered with an oil paint shpaklevku "РЂ¤+" it is possible to wash. .

For acceleration shvatyvanija and increases in a thickness of a layer to all shpaklevkam it is possible to add plaster. Plaster addition reduces usadku shpaklevki at drying which is considerable enough because of the big maintenance in a water mix. Thicker shpaklevka dries up and bursts in deepenings. Cement addition increases water resistance shpaklevki.

In lateksnyh shpaklevkah cement enters chemical reaction with binding and hardens within 4-8 hours (at mixing of cement with water the same result turns out for 5-7 days).

At a structure choice shpaklevochnyh mixes usually start with availability and cost of initial components. Lateksnye shpaklevki is cheaper than the oil. The expense shpaklevki on the new plastered surfaces - 2-4 kg/m 2 . At shpaklevanii wooden surfaces the expense should be in 10 times less - then shpaklevka these surfaces is made correctly. .

Ready shpaklevki ("ИыюЁр" nitro- and gliftalevye) the expensive for furnish of the plastered surfaces. They are more expedient for applying at furnish of painted furniture and a floor. SHpaklevki, made on the basis of synthetic varnishes, basically are intended for shpaklevki metals under the varnishes with the same name. .

The Surfaces earlier painted by a glutinous paint, otmachivajut warm water to a paint softening, scratch off it, allow surfaces to dry up and then ground oksolem. Further a surface finish the same as also the new plastered surface. .

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