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Preparation of the plastered surfaces

the Unpainted plastered surface clear shpatelem or wooden bruskom of grains of sand and drops of a limy solution. Smoothness depends on smoothness of plaster in the big degree shpaklevanija, since also. shpaklevka fills only microroughnesses of a surface. That rough plaster to make smooth, it is necessary to use bystrotverdejushchie mixes. .

On internal works for this purpose, as a rule, use structures with addition of plaster to which can cover for once surfaces in the thickness to 5 mm. Work with plaster mixes demands the big ability as here it is necessary to reach definitive smoothness of a surface in some minutes. A normal thickness of a layer shpaklevki on, plaster - 1-1,5 mm. .

The Plastered surfaces, as well as wooden, it is necessary before shpaklevaniem ogruntovat oksolem or any other binding substance. It reaches the best skleivaemost plasters and shpaklevki. Use also shpaklevki with the increased maintenance of the binding. Such shpaklevki put on the neogrounded surface. Last way is suitable only at new building where at the big finishing surfaces drawing up of trial structure shpaklevki, the most suitable to concrete initial materials, justifies itself in connection with reduction of quantity of working operations. At repair of apartments shpakljuemye surfaces are always expedient for grounding. .

shpaklevok it is a lot of Recipes. The quantity of the basic and additional components in them varies very widely. Therefore the name shpaklevok (glutinous, oil, plaster, etc.) is conditional enough.

Mixes shpaklevok make, proceeding from the following:

  1. Melkopomolotyj napolnitel should be mixed with binding and water emulsiej, as a part of one shpaklevki can be a little napolnitelej and binding).

  2. the Basic napolnitel shpaklevki - a chalk. For reception of thicker layer in shpaklevku add plaster, for atmosferoustojchivosti and durability increases - cement.

  3. Binding shpaklevki is glutinous paствор and water emulsija drying oils or oksolja. SHpaklevka, made only on glue or drying oil, it is difficultly imposed, therefore it do not use. SHpaklevki with the big maintenance of drying oil - is better and stronger, but also is more expensive.

In general, under glutinous paints use shpaklevki with the smaller maintenance of drying oil. They can be used and under oil paints. In this case oshpaklevannuju a surface ground oksolem owing to what the quantity not water binding, reaches the same level, as well as in shpaklevke, the drying oil made with the big maintenance or oksolja. .

At mix drawing up shpaklevki the basic requirement is its good processing. SHpaklevka should be enough liquid, but not flow down with shpatelja. At the same time it should freely cxoдить from it and well stick to a processed surface. .

The Requirements shown to shpaklevke, provides emulsija on the basis of oils or glues with water. For quality improvement shpaklevki to oil shpaklevke add a water solution of glue, and to glutinous - a water solution oksolja. In a mix oksol it is easy emulgiruet with water. Too liquid shpaklevku it is possible to make more dense if to add in it a dry chalk, cement or plaster. For shpaklevanija internal premises use the following grounded and shpaklevochnye mixes (structures are given in volume parts):

    the Mylno-glutinous first coat for the plastered surfaces:
  • 40% th water solution of a laundry soap of 4%
  • Painting glue (20%-s' solution) 20%
  • Drying oil or oksol 2%
  • Water of 74%
    the Oil first coat for the plastered surfaces:
  • Oksol of 82%
  • the Pigment or a paint for a shade of 7%
  • Solvent (turpentine, gasoline, СР-2) 11%
    the Oil first coat for oshpaklevannyh surfaces:
  • OKSOL 47%
  • Painting paste of 47%
  • Solvent of 6%
    Glutinous shpaklevka:
  • 10% th solution of painting glue of 80%
  • OKSOL 10%
  • Turpentine of 10%
  • Cretaceous paste to a working consistence.
    Oil shpaklevka:
  • OKSOL 63%
  • 20%-s' solution of painting glue of 30%
  • 40%-s' solution of a laundry soap of 3%
  • Turpentine or СР-2 4%
  • Cretaceous paste to a working consistence.
    Oil-emulsionnaja shpaklevka:
  • Oksol of 25%
  • 20% th solution of painting glue of 67%
  • Solvent of 8%
  • Cretaceous paste to a working consistence

For preparation shpaklevki the glutinous solution is diluted to 10 with%-s', in it add oksol in solvent; components well mix, to a mix add cretaceous paste to a working consistence. At use of a dry chalk add water to volume kleevo-oksolnoj mixes.

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