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Preparation of surfaces under colouring

Difference of preparation of ceilings and walls under colouring the small. On a ceiling there are damages of the painted surface as a result of course of liquids and rust traces is more often. Besides the ceiling is inconvenient for processing. .

If the old paint keeps on a surface strongly, it needs to be washed only. In the absence of cracks the washed up surface, especially a ceiling, seems svezheokrashennoj, not demanding additional processing. It is necessary to cover usually such surface in 1-2 layers. .

Old surfaces are cleared of a dust and wash warm water by means of a painting brush or a painting brush. The layer of the lagged behind paint needs to be removed shpatelem. As mezdrovyj and bone glue are not waterproof, at ceiling washing the painting substance settles on a bottom of ware and it can be used for preparation of a surface and for preparation of a new paint. .

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